Tuesday, March 18 Surf Report

This morning started with a magnificent sunrise with those whispy clouds smearing different all different shades of pink, orange and blue.  Finished up some patio work then noticed the waves looking fun as the tide moved.DSC07810 KRod paddled out first on the long foamy and I got a few snapshots of him.  I appreciate him very much letting me use his little point-and-shoot that he brought.  I am looking forward to getting some new lenses!DSC07899After a few minutes, the waves were looking too fun at about waist to head high with fair to sometimes good form.  The rights were working early and then some really beautiful lefts were setting up right in front of our gate.DSC07920A couple very chill guys paddled out and joined us in the lineup. I understand that the guy in the feature and above photo has been living in Belize for the last 14 years. I didn’t get your name, but thanks for checking out El Transito.DSC07941I had a good fill of waves so I ran up and grabbed the camera and took a few more…DSC07963Good surfing!DSC07966The wedge is a bit harder than it looks 🙂  Thanks for checking in! Let us know if you need an epic surf trip…

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