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From now until April 30, book a  SIMPLE GREEN  surf adventure (your reservation can be any available dates in 2014) and the 4th surfer gets 50% off the tour price.  $150 per surfer reserves your group.  Call or email for details.

April 2014

March has passed leaving behind consistent swell, beautiful memories and hot, dry weather. We had some onshore afternoons but the wind has been locked in offshore, for the most part.  I happen to enjoy the cooler onshore breeze after exhausting myself from the morning session. It also provides some fine surface texture for sunset sessions. Variety is the spice of life. On some days, the wind was a bit too strong and the water a bit chilly (for my higher blessed standard). El Transito‘s sandbars are okay. Some days are better than others, but that is how it has always been here. The charm is that on those super fun days, it is still not too busy in the lineup. With the main beach starting to attract more travelers and business folk, along with the nearly completed road construction from Managua, I can see the days of empty lineups becoming a distant memory. And so we adapt to the evolution that we contribute to. Now in April, the wind is still blowing strong offshore, although I see signs of the upcoming change of season. We need the rain! Thanks again to Keenan and Kevin, who brought very timely support to the GSN cause. Travis, my friend, next time you MUST stay longer and Boombox in 15! I am looking forward to our next adventures! And as always, I would like to express gratitude to our clients who have enjoyed their stay here and have taken the time and effort to write a review on TripAdvisor. DSC08200 DSC08005 DSC07810 IMG_3629 IMG_4489 IMG_3756

”We just got back from driving across central America. We came across El Transito on the map and decided to get off the beaten path and check it out. We came across Dave out front of GreenSurf and turned a one day stay into nearly a week. The hospitality was GREAT. El Transito is a quaint little fishing town with spectacular beaches. Green Surf had a breath taking view, spectacular waves, and a great local feel. Large clean modern rooms, great bathrooms, and peaceful surroundings. Dave was the most gracious host and it was by far one of our best experiences in all of central America, we loved it so much we stayed again on our way back home………Thanks Green Surf already dreaming about going back now that we’re home” – Harvest 

We’re glad we can provide such an experience!  In 2014, we are continuing to fine tune our surf adventures, adding more eco/adventure tours, making improvements to the GreenSurf facilities, becoming more involved in random acts of love and working hard to increase your chances of epic memories while providing a safe and comfortable experience.  Thanks for checking us out…

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Thursday, April 10 Surf Report

April 11, 2014
The surf has continued to drop a bit into the thigh to shoulder…

Tuesday, April 08 Surf Report

April 10, 2014
The surf size has continued to drop but there is still energy…

Sunday, April 06 Surf Report

April 9, 2014
Yesterday at about mid-day I noticed some new swell showing up…

Friday, April 04 Surf Report

April 5, 2014
So I wanted to give a gigantic special thanks to Keenan and Krod…

Thursday, April 03 Surf Report

April 5, 2014
Today the waves were super fun in the chest / head high range.…

Tuesday, April 1 Surf Report

April 2, 2014
Happy Fools!  March is behind us and the waves have obviously…

Saturday, March 29 Surf Update

March 30, 2014
So last week my very good buddy Travis landed in Managua (far…

Saturday, March 22 El Transito Surf Report

March 24, 2014
Fun surf in the chest / head high range and bigger sets.  Nice…

Wednesday, March 21 Surf Report

March 22, 2014
The waves were super fun today, especially for sunset..............have…

Wednesday, March 19 Surf Report

March 20, 2014
Even though MSW forecasts call for smaller stuff, the waves in…

Tuesday, March 18 Surf Report

March 19, 2014
This morning started with a magnificent sunrise with those whispy…

Monday, March 17 Surf Report

March 17, 2014
The past couple days the surf has been dropping, but the size…

Friday, March 14 Surf Report

March 14, 2014
The wave size this morning is holding quite nicely in the waist…

Thursday, March 13 Surf Report

March 13, 2014
The surf is a consistent waist to head high with fair to good…

Wednesday, March 12 Surf Report

March 13, 2014
Continued surf this morning in the waist to head high range with…

Monday, March 10 Surf Report

March 10, 2014
Yesterday the wave size began to drop off a bit, but it was still…

Saturday, March 8 Surf Report

March 9, 2014
The surf leveled off in the chest high to overhead range today.…

Friday, March 7 2014 Surf Report

March 7, 2014
So the surf picked up a few days ago and we have seen wave size…

Monday March 3, 2014 Surf Report

March 3, 2014
So the surf started increasing yesterday with some legit head…

Saturday February 29 Surf Report (wait...it's March!)

March 1, 2014
Yes...March does not officially start here until the first real…

Friday February 28 Surf Report

February 28, 2014
Similar small-scale swell this morning in the waist high range…

Thursday February 27 Surf Report

February 27, 2014
We are still looking at small-scale surf this morning in the…

February 24, 2014 - Surf Report

February 24, 2014
Small background stuff after the swell this past weekend.  Size…

The Simple Green (tour)

February 19, 2014
Our driver, whether it be Neyman or Danilo Prado, Erick, (all…

Valentine's day - Surf Report

February 15, 2014
So yesterday while Keenan was surfing outback, I grabbed Julia's…

For the love of the game....

February 7, 2014
As our passion is surfing....and so is baseball to many of the…
La Flor de Cana

La Flor de Cana

February 4, 2014
Once or twice a month or more, we like to take a ride just about…

Amor de Febrero

January 29, 2014
We are preparing for the month of February and I figure...well,…

January 21st 2014: Jinotega

January 21, 2014
Last week, I talked about heading to Jinotega to take some pictures…
Isla Zapatera 110

January 13th, 2014: Isla Zapatera

January 13, 2014
Happy New Year! We wish all our friends and family a happy 2014! Greetings…
Vision of a seaman

December 18 Surf Update

December 18, 2013
So I think we may have this internet thing somewhat figured out…
Picture 032

Surf report – July 31, 2013

August 20, 2013
This morning, after deciding that the surf was not that…
Picture 036

Surf report - July 30, 2013

July 31, 2013
The surf is large today in the overhead to well overhead range…
Picture 018

Surf report - July 29th, 2013

July 29, 2013
Larger surf today in the head high to well overhead range. …
Picture 048

GSN hosts kids' house party!

July 29, 2013
In July GSN held the first house party for the kids of El…

Surf report - July 8th, 2013

July 26, 2013
Snapped this quick before paddling out into the A frames…

Esteli the artist

July 26, 2013
For over 30 years, Alberto Gutierrez Jiron has been sculpting…

Surf report - Friday, July 26th

January 14, 2012
Firing at mid-afternoon outback...Pistols. Thx Adam!