November 23, 2015 – Well, I tried to continue reporting consistently since my last update, but as life would have it, threw me another couple of ´´learning-experiences´´, slowing me down in the reporting process.  However, these challenges or ´´opportunities for education´´ continue to vindicate my convictions as a surfer and a fan of pleasure and life. On that note, November has brought smaller, more spread-out waves and for those of you who want to learn / improve your skills, it is the perfect time. The all – day offshores are back, the days are getting not-so-hot and the nights are becoming cooler and crisp. So from now until February 15, 2016 we will be offering an ´´Improve my surfing´´ all-inclusive package –  6 nights/7 days, full transportation, private surf lessons, all food, drinks, accomodation – $599 / surfer and discounts for groups . Email me for details at greensurfnicaragua@gmail.com. Thanks so much to everyone who has offered good support! Finally, if you email me via the CONTACT and I do not answer in less than 24 hours, email me directly at greensurfnicaragua@gmail.com. DSC00037 DSC00040 DSC00044 DSC00048 DSC00051 DSC00053 DSC00058 DSC00059 DSC00060 DSC00063 DSC00081 DSC00090 DSC00096 DSC00098 DSC00100 DSC00142

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Book your all-inclusive SIMPLE GREEN adventure – and we actually take you places!!! Finally, I am still reaching out to photographers – surfers. I have been looking for a decent camera set-up for a while now and due to ´whatever circumstances´, I have not been able to acquire one.  My wish is that someone reading this has some decent equipment that is not receiving the use it is capable of and so I would like to offer 1 week accommodations, all meals and a few special surf excursions (based on the quality of camera set-up that I can find). I have no specific requirements as I will trust the right person knows what I need anyway. I am really wanting to get some epic footage up this year.  It has been too long….
And special thanks to Cesar Medina at SurfNica Magazine for helping us to promote responsible tourism in the north – central pacific region.
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In 2015, we are continuing to fine tune our surf adventures, adding more eco/adventure tours, making improvements to the GreenSurf facilities, becoming more involved in random acts of love and working hard to increase your chances of epic memories while providing a safe and comfortable experience.  Thanks for checking us out…

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