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August 09, 2014

So we have been so busy here that I have only posted 2 updates in the past 2+ months. We have been super-multi-tasking – continuing property improvements to the GSN base, serving the diverse travelers that have been stopping in from all over the world and continuing the projects we began via GreenLOVE. I will update the GreenLOVE page soon with project updates and future ideas. I want to express endless gobs of thanks to all of you who supported these projects over the past couple of months with your money, energy and time. You know who you are and I know that you do not want special recognition here. Your involvement is the key. We successfully completed our first SCLAT adventure and what a week that was. 2 very special surfers (and now friends) helped us to repair and cosmetically enhance the central park of El Transito & later grilling hot dogs for the local kids, we gave much needed school supplies to some children who live on farms without electricity just outside of Leon, learned how to milk a cow, saddle a horse, visited 2 volcanoes (hiking one of them at sunset), stopped in at the Apoyo Lagoon, ATTEMPTED the zip line at Tiscapa Lagoon and, last but not least, had some fun and very memorable surf sessions with just GSN and friends in the lineup, including a boat trip to Puerto Sandino with a very rare, empty lineup (albeit the surf was small). Overall, the first SCLAT was a success and, as always, we are improving our services. The Simple Green adventure is the still the best all-inclusive value for those of you who want it a great introduction to this area of Nicaragua. (505) 8269-1503 / greensurfnicaragua@gmail.com.  The dorm is $8 / night pp for groups of 2 or more and I have special rates on the ocean front rooms for those of you coming from Leon or Granada. Below are just a few of the pics from the SCLAT (sorry some are cropped because I don’t know how to fit in the entire pics because WordPress crops them!) and some good words from one of the guys from the last Simple Green adventure. You can see more pics on the FaceCULT. And never forget to ask me how I can help serve you better…

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Hey Dave! All I can say is I and the guys had a great time! You have a kick ass operation going there! The hospitality and vibe was probably the best I’ve ever experienced on a surf trip. And the ladies really know how to feed a hungry crew! The food was delicious. Of course we’re all going to give you a stellar review and I’ll definitely be coming back! By the way, I just ordered you Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer for Xbox 360. Just let me know where to send it to. Thank Chris and the lads again for me. Such a cool bunch of guys. I’m setting up an FTP site for all the guys who were on the trip to exchange pictures. Is there any chance you could upload the shots from CENSORED!!?? I’ll send you the link when its up and running. If not tomorrow, then next week. I have to take my kids to camp in Minnesota on Saturday and I won’t  be back till the 16th. Thanks again! — Colin, New York

In 2014, we are continuing to fine tune our surf adventures, adding more eco/adventure tours, making improvements to the GreenSurf facilities, becoming more involved in random acts of love and working hard to increase your chances of epic memories while providing a safe and comfortable experience.  Thanks for checking us out…

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