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El Transito, Nicaragua

Join GreenSurf Nicaragua and Karina Skye, Founder of the Modern Yoga Academy in Florida, for a week of intensive relaxation, healing, rejuvenation…and surfing too!

Karina in the grass

March 16, 2015 –  Things are changing in El Transito. This small slice of surf paradise has been uncovered and now the inevitable ‘crowd’ factor enters the play. Travelers have come and gone….and returned, from all over the world. I have met so many beautiful people and learned so much from this experience. Well, an explorer never stops exploring. History will tell you that once the first surf camp is established directly in front of a really great wave, that wave will become crowded. This is why I chose where I did, to operate GreenSurf – to prevent the best waves in the region from becoming overcrowded, while promoting some sustainable type of tourism. I put quite a bit of thought into the location. The wave outback at Pistols is,I would say, is a 5 out of 10, moody, like a completely unpredictable roller coaster ride. It is so fun. I love it. It is hard to predict when exactly it will be good. And it typically is more ‘not working´than ´working´. I think this is fantastic. With shifting sandbars daily and sometimes a 9 ft range from low to high tide, it can turn on and off in 45 minutes. The main beach will be able to handle the newer surf camps that have recently opened and, as long as we are cooperative in the existing community of residents, I think it will be positive for the future of El Transito. We are becoming a recognized surfing destination in Nicaragua. On the other hand, for those of you who are addicted to empty waves, do not tremble! I am an addict as well. I have completed step one and am comfortable with my addiction. And as an addict of empty waves, I ALWAYS keep spare knowledge for special moments, like when you just NEED a great, empty wave. Your reporter thought of this way back in the beginning, to preserve the best knowledge, and there are still places, good quality, unknown setups….like where I took our most recent guests, the Kruk Boys, from Orange Beach, Alabama. They wanted special surf sessions and so we provided the opportunity, paddling out at a completely nameless spot with the peak completely under our control. Just the 3 of us. We will see what the future has available for us to enjoy. There are a few more photos on FB. Book your all-inclusive SIMPLE GREEN adventure – and we actually take you places!!! Finally, I am still reaching out to photographers – surfers. I have been looking for a decent camera set-up for a while now and due to ´whatever circumstances´, I have not been able to acquire one.  My wish is that someone reading this has some decent equipment that is not receiving the use it is capable of and so I would like to offer 1 week accommodations, all meals and a few special surf excursions (based on the quality of camera set-up that I can find). I have no specific requirements as I will trust the right person knows what I need anyway. I am really wanting to get some epic footage up this year.  It has been too long….
And special thanks to Cesar Medina at SurfNica Magazine for helping us to promote responsible tourism in the north – central pacific region.
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In 2015, we are continuing to fine tune our surf adventures, adding more eco/adventure tours, making improvements to the GreenSurf facilities, becoming more involved in random acts of love and working hard to increase your chances of epic memories while providing a safe and comfortable experience.  Thanks for checking us out…

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