Surf report – July 30, 2013

The surf is large today in the overhead to well overhead range with some sets near double overhead.  El Transito is shut down because this is too much for the little beaches here to handle, although it made for some unique photo-ops.  So we traveled just down the road to a spot that can handle larger swell.  We paddled out just as the swell was peaking so even this spot was having some trouble with the energy Ma Ocean was producing.  My guest, George, caught a decent wave and I only caught one and got caught inside.

Upon walking back up the beach considering paddling back out I met an old acquaintance on the beach that was scoping out the surf.  He had been surfing at Puerto Sandino earlier and said that it was good early.  The tide was starting to back out already so we just decided to head back to Transito, have 2nd breakfast and chill.  The swell should start to back off tomorrow.  The waves here in El Transito should be ridable in a couple of days.

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