Surf Report – July 21, 2016

These past few days of surf has been consistently fun with just 3 travelers hanging out with us. Roeland, from Holland, has been strengthening his paddling abilities on the longboard and now can paddle out to the lineup by himself and he is getting to his feet and progressing well in his surf class of 10 days. Collan and Jon, 2 young surfers from Florida, surfed all 3 breaks these past few days, including the REEF, The Louvre at Los playones and KP’s. When I asked Jon how his first surf trip ever was, 1 out of 10, he called it a 20…so we’ll take that! The surf has been super consistent in the head high range with nearly perfect wind conditions. We are nearly fully reserved until the end of the month, but there are a few beds available so just email or call us to confirm your space. If you like surfing a variety of quality waves, whether you are a beginner or intermediate to advanced, and appreciate exploring new remote locations with just your surfing buddies (unlike the developing crowds in E Transito and Miramar), check out the beach here in beautiful Playa Hermosa CENTRAL, Nicaragua.038 237 204 198 187 170 167 165 101 090 080 049

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