Surf Report – July 03, 2016

It has been almost a month since posting surf conditions but thankfully we are up and running again. June was rainy and with more onshore winds than typical, so we decided to utilize the time and concentrate on property renovations. The big pool has been resurfaced and now has fresh paint. We will begin filling the pool with water this week, testing the pump, etc. As for the surf conditions, well, this has also improved over the last week or so. The offshore winds have returned and the waves have been very good. After the biggest swell of the year passing, the waves have settled into the consistent head high range with nearly perfect surface conditions. We are in a pattern now with calm wind early giving way to light/medium offshore winds lasting throughout the day. After not surfing for over 3 weeks I finally was able to make the walk to Los Playones and surf our local rocky point left yesterday…and, wow, it was really good. The inside peak was putting a barrel that reminded me of meatgrinders. Every now and then there were some closed out sets, but the majority of waves were lining up beautifully with a relatively easy take-off for a quick barrel and then 10 seconds of mellower wall for some turns and then an inside race-track section over some shallow rock reef to punt a big air for a nice finish. Of course I was not surfing that great, but the waves were providing opportunity after opportunity. I would rate the current swell an 8 out of 10. So currently in our local beach there are 4 distinct and separate breaks offering a variety of wave types good enough to please surfers who are beginning, or longboarders or aggressive and experienced shortboarders. There are currently 5 beds available up until July 14th, so go ahead and stop by and we will be happy to accommodate you and help you surf some of the better unfrequented waves in this region. If you like the point left at Miramar, but do not like the crowds…you will love it here. Give us a call, shoot us an email or just drop in. 087 091 094 095 097 098 101 103 107 108 109 111 114 117 123

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