Your host in Leon is Raul Jose Baldizon Rodriguez.


Raul was born on December 13, 1961 in Leon, Nicaragua. He attended elementary, junior high and high school at La Salle. Raul was a member of MES (Movimiento Estudiantil de Secondaria) and participated in fighting against the dictatorship of Semoza as an ambulance driver. Raul also delivered weapons to colleagues that were fighting against the dictatorship of Semoza. He made contact bombs at the high school lab in Leon. Raul went into exile once the secret service of Semoza learned of Raul’s participation in the revolution. Raul then fled to the United States ending up in Carrollton, Georgia.  He later attended West Georgia University with a double major in International Economy and Political Science. Raul graduated in 1995 with both degrees. After graduating he returned to his hometown of Leon to work in the family farming and to assist the Nicaraguan people in making a better economic and social life. Raul has 15 years + experience working with missionaries and doctors who come to help those who live deep in the countryside, like Cinco Pino, San Pedro de Norte, Quezalguaque, Posoltega, Jinotega and several other communities that are not even large enough to be called a pueblo. He is currently working with GSN as host / tour-guide for Leon and other northern areas such as Chinandega and Matagalpa. Quite simply, GSN is proud to have the most well-rounded personality in Leon hosting our guests and nobody knows Leon better than him!


Now Raul is working in the family farm just outside of Leon which has been in the family property since the late 1600s. His extended family in the north own and operate some of the top coffee plantations. In 2011 their coffee beans were among the top 3 in Nicaraguan competitions and they are currently testing a new coffee bean especially for diabetics. Nicaraguan Raul’s family provides sugar cane to ISA. ISA is a producer of sugar and the award-winning rum – Flor de Cana. Raul is knowledgeable both of the US and Nicaraguan culture and we are proud to have him as a brother in the GSN family.