November 16, 2014 Surf Report

Baseballs and barrels on this beautiful Sunday!  After checking out a really good local baseball game (the ET Marlins were down by 2 in the last inning and rallied to win, yeheewww!!!), I hung out with some of my favorite people, then returned to GSN and walked down to the beach.  It looked flatter than the 3rd grade girlfriend that I never had…until after about 7 minutes of waiting, a set of 6 beautiful humps revealed themselves like a triplet of exquisite mermaids to greet me with their water dance. They came at waist to shoulder high, a size that I tend to have a lot of fun for practicing special moves and style 🙂  So once again thanks to Shawn and Erin for taking photos as I grabbed my board and went for about an hour surf. Then topped it off by enjoying a magnificent sunset in Middle Paradise, Middle Nicaragua, Middle Earth, Middle Universe.  Check the pics and thanks again for looking!  If you are planning a trip to Nica, make sure you browse our services because we the value is incredible! Also for the yogis, check out the GreenSurf & Modern Yoga Retreat for 2015.  It looks like some more significant swell is going to arrive on Thursday and last throughout the weekend.  All rooms are vacant at the moment, so let us know if you would like to enjoy some time here.DSC09905 DSC09906 DSC09907 DSC09908 DSC09926 DSC09923 DSC09935 DSC09952 DSC09953 DSC09954 DSC09956 DSC09972 DSC09977DSC09995DSC09998DSC00065DSC00066DSC00083


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