New Year’s Eve fun

Another year passed around the World… Pacific Coast – Central-America-Nicaragua-El Transito-GreenSurf. 2015 reached our little beach home as well. We had a really fun last day of the old year, sending our good wishes to New Zealand, Australia and Europe time zones. Just before sunset we had the idea to test our new longboard in the tandem version. We didn’t have much time, sun was about to disappear behind the horizon. After some funny tries on the doubledecker we managed to both stand up and ride to shore. It was a great way to say goodbye to the waves, but we weren’t worried, they are there again in 2015 as well. 🙂

After playing some pool and shooting some fireworks in the village we were celebrating midnight with a bonfire at the beach just in front of our camp. We wrote down our dreams and wishes on small pieces of papers and threw them into the fire with the hope of them becoming true this year.

We want to wish you the same for 2015 and hope to see you soon at GreenSurf Nicaragua!IMG_9160 IMG_9162 IMG_9176 IMG_9181 IMG_9200 IMG_9210 IMG_9212



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