We closed at the end of 2016 due to heavy opposition from organized crime and the deception of my original business partners – Frank Amador and Mario Rivas. After my fiancé was physically attacked she miscarried and so we moved our operations. In order to protect my fiance and our 2 daughters we moved a few kilometers north to Playa Hermosa, where GreenSurf had first began. We thought this would be far enough away from their influence, but we were wrong. We continued to struggle in Playa Hermosa due to the unfavorable environment. Canadians living there in Playa Hermosa associated with the drug kingpin, Aaron Chad Helferty, and a business called ‘Casa Granada’ that helps launder money helped to nail finalize the closing of GreenSurf. For those of you looking on airbnb and do not want to support organized crime, stay away from Brian & Randy (both Canadians) in Playa Hermosa and Damian & Katie (listed as from New York, but they are really South African) in El Transito.

I created this page for a few reasons: the main reason being to express thanks to those who are responsible for creating positive publicity for GreenSurf Nicaragua! 2nd, to help get more support from traveling surfers as there is no shame in that! We can truthfully say that all of the good stuff written about us on the public mediums were not initiated by us and we did not pay any newspaper or magazine aside from the $20 fee that was given to the graphic designer of NicaSurf Mag for his service in creating the awesome presentation. In all cases, the editor, writer, photographer or publisher contacted GSN first. We are proud to be a grass-roots organization and an ongoing project based on an original idea born from the passion of the surfing lifestyle.

"I'm living a dream right now," says St. Augustine native Dave Sluder of running GreenSurf Nicaragua. The first was in May of 2o12 – front page cover story of the Florida Times Union in Jacksonville, FL – I am forever grateful to Matt Soergel of Atlantic Beach for granting me the opportunity for the brief interview.  It´s a cool thought for me that he has interviewed so many other influential folks, a favorite of mine being Seth Rogan. Matt is an intelligent man with a gentle soul and one of the smoothest SUPers I have had the pleasure to serve, so a huge heart-felt thanks!

“I’m living a dream right now,” says St. Augustine native Dave Sluder of running GreenSurf Nicaragua.Image result for logo of florida times union