GSN hosts kids’ house party!

In July GSN held the first house party for the kids of El Transito.  The first one was so successful that we had another one later in the month.  There were water balloon fights in the pool, a piñata bash and we served over 100 plates of food each party.  The nearly 100 children who were personally invited were hand – selected due to their more unfortunate status within the pueblo.  They are children of families with the lowest income.  Their parents either work for pennies or have no work at all.  So these are the kids who are on the list.  With each and every tour booking, either $50 or $100 per surfer will be used to help the unfortunate here in Nicaragua.

Furthermore, we highly encourage you to be fully involved in the act of love.  All full service tour bookings from 3 nights to 5 nights – $50 per surfer will go towards the program.  All bookings 6 nights or more – $100 per surfer will go toward the program.  For example, if there are 4 in your group for a 6 night / 7 day tour, then we take $400 and put it towards helping those who need it most – and we throw them a party too.  Bring 8 and we can do great things!  $800 can go a long way here in Nicaragua and we can even hit multiple locales.  We are involved in various programs in several different locations in the North – Central region of Nicaragua, including here at our home in El Transito and expanding north into Nagarote, Leon, Jinotega and Matagalpa.

We will soon have more info on these GreenLOVE programs on our website.

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