GreenSurf Tour #1 2015






Last week we were happy to host our first GoGreen Tour of 2015. We’ve already given you a snapshot, here’s a more detailed recap of the week.

We’ve been lucky with some swell coming in for the middle of the week which made it possible to surf other spots. Besides the point and the beach break of El Transito, we travelled to nearby reefs and beaches. Our guests, Bernadette and Yaque were challenged with various conditions, they had some great sessions and improved their surfing tremendously.

Besides surfing they discovered and learned about the history of the colonial city of Leon, they visited a sugarcane farm in the north of the country and had an insight into local culture and cuisine of Nicaragua.

We hope that our lovely guests enjoyed the week as much as we did. For more information about our tours check out our website and feel free to contact us.


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