GreenSurf Nicaragua welcomes 2 new members in its team

Eva Coster

Eva Coster was born in Thailand, but grew up in the Netherlands. She has a professional background in the art world. After working the last 4 years in a contemporary art gallery in Amsterdam she wanted to get on the road again and spend some time in tropical waters. With knowledge in photography and massage therapy she is ready to capture your best moments in the water and loosen up your tired muscles after some intense surfing.

Zoltan Bakro

Zoltan Bakro was born and raised in Hungary, but has been roaming the world as a surf and snowboard instructor for the last 5 years. However, this year he has decided to skip his usual European winter in the Austrian mountains for a tropical one in Central America. For the coming months he will be able to offer our guests at GreenSurf Nicaragua individual or group surf lessons, as well as photo and video coaching. No matter what level you are at, he will bring your surfing skills to new heights.

Please feel free to contact us for information on massage and surf lessons.


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