GreenSurf El Transito is CLOSED indefinitely. We have evolved and relocated to beautiful….

2016 – After living and operating a small surf hotel in El Transito for over 5 years, I discovered that organized crime controls most business here. After years of mid-level business wars between GSN and the local mafia, including robberies, email and website hacks, fake clients putting bad reviews, etc, etc, etc…and then physical attacks, we closed. There is a Canadian criminal named Aaron Helferty who has a shady real estate company called NICA Realty and has invested in various businesses like the 2 surf camps – Solid Surf and Free Spirit Hostel. He used to own a bar / restaurant called Poza de Perla until he sold it to an Italian narco-trafficker. He uses these businesses, along with the completely bogus non-profit community organization called, a company based out of Dallas, Texas, to wash money. It’s not a new idea. On the surface, they all appear to be integrated in the community, but at the roots, it is a manipulative scheme to control the community. First of all, the local public school is underfunded and the school officials are ‘paid-off’. Locals will admit that 80% of the residents are somehow involved in the narco-activity, especially the male population, as most of the women are controlled by men in this culture. Helferty, the kingpin of el Transito, has developed relationships with people, high and low, from El Transito to the police station in Nagarote and even up to higher police and politicians including one of the sons of president Ortega and a particular Florida senator. We decided to close after a client was raped and, soon after, myself and my family surviving repeated physical attacks. Police reports were made but absolutely useless as the narco-network extends high and low with the corruption. So if you want to party and surf, go ahead and stay in El Transito and feel good about where your money goes and who you are supporting. I wouldn’t advise it if you are against the dirty politics of illegal drug trade…and especially if you don’t like people who traffic arms and little girls for prostitution. If you are a family, use caution.

More on the documented theft and assaults here –

Click here for a word doc I made up that is easy to read

The following is a letter from a traveler who stayed with us who came from Germany with his girlfriend. The English is not perfect. But it tells a lot, after an alleged rape incident on the GreenSurf property:

”Hey Dave,
i am glad that you not forgot what happend to katharina. to be honestly i thought a few weeks later nobody is talking about this case. i really want to help you but i think i dont have an influence here in germany. but i try to describe the situation with the police:
in the office they have been very bureaucratic, similar as in more developed countrys. but what the fuck was this action driving around with katharina on the pick up that everybody saw her with these fat lazy policeman. they defenitly wanted not to work. they just wanted to return to their chairs in the office with AC and eat chips. after this useless action there was no communication with the police. then we bought a cellphone to talk to you and cliff. and you sent me a message that the police is ready to arrest three suspects (it was a mail of you). At this moment we have been in el astillero and we were really exhausted, weak and hopeless. but i convinced kathi to return to nagarote to identify this motherfucker. but when we arrived they told us that there are no suspects but they will call us when they have some suspects. they never called us. we were so desperate and full of hate and we returned to el astillero at the same day. we travelled 16 hours this day for nothing and were in a very bad constitution. so after this trip we were really desperate and fucked up. and we decided to give up. katharina was scared of every single man who was looking at her. and she couldnt sleep until we returned to germany one month ago. and i was full of rage and iam still. i used to be a peacefull man but now i just want to have a revenge. but for me there is no hope for revenge. i am just satified when it is the right person and i can peel off the skin of his fucking boby. but i will not return to nicaragua never. there is just one reason to return and this is to punish this guy. but i will not return for nothing as i did when we returned to nagarote. i just hope that you will find him and punish him as hard as you can. but i think thats easier without the police. they are so unbelievable stupid.
and i am done with nicaragua. last year somebody attacked my taxidriver and was hitting this guy with a skrewdriver and i had was lucky to get out of the taxi. and this year it was way worser for me and katharina.
and the tourism is on the completely wrong way in nicaragua. they are selling their land to the foreigners to make fast money and then the white people get the money from the tourists. thats not very sustainable. there will be more conflicts in the future between the locals and the foreigners. and then they will build this fucking channel in the big lake. i hope there will come a turn in the development of the country but right now i see it very critical. but maybe i just have my special reason for this.
i still have the best wishes for you and your future here
saludos johannes”

The following is documentation of some of the THEFT performed by Allison Kendro, the owner/founder of Solid Surf Adventures, when beginning her now apparently successful business. I have considered attempting Google to ‘blacklist’ their website, but since she has revised the website over the years, I probably waited too long for any meaningful action. I could try to shame her, but I don’t think she is capable of feelings. She is a cold-hearted thief. My best option is a very experienced attorney that is not afraid to tackle her and her associates, which include persons involved, directly and/or indirectly, in the international drug cartel.

In December 03, 2010 I sent to J. Warren:


Click here for a full screenshot of the Surfline travel page that used to exist

The above page existed as shown until January 06, 2017. I saw it on this day. The next day, on January 07, 2017, I checked the same page again and the content is missing. For January 7th and 8th the page existed but the content was missing. Now if you click on the Surfline link – you can see that the content has been restored, however, they deleted my name after the article.

Here is a link to to a screenshot just after I noticed that someone restored the content. You can see how the ”-Dave of GreenSurf Nicaragua” has been removed. Why the recent activity?

Someone is trying to cover their tracks or help someone else cover up something. I wish I would have taken a screen shot of that page on January 06 before someone at Surfline edited the page, deleting the content…and then on January 08 of the nearly blank page, but oh well…

Click here for a screenshot of my GMAIL account with the submission to J. Warren of in Dec, 2010

Just under 2 years later, around October 2012, Allison Kendro – founder / owner of Solid Surf Adventures – practicing her winning marketing strategy and utilizing obvious plagiarism posted this on version 1 of the Solid Surf website:

I know the screenshot is hard to see, so you can click HERE which will take you to WEBARCHIVE.ORG and the original internet post. Afterwards, she removed the plagiarism.

Also here – 

And finally click here for a better view

The best, most common swells are from the SW-SSW, but El Transito accepts the occasional West-WNW swells during the Nicaraguan summer (as long as it’s under 290 degrees). It also tends to be much more consistent than any other break due to the beach’s shape and under water terrain just offshore, and when breaks to the north and south look like a lake, El Transito will often be waist to chest high + and fun! Best periods are anything 16 seconds or under, with 13 to 14 second periods being the sweetest. Over 16 seconds, it tends to shut down but we’ll take you to the other breaks where you’re sure to score. As for the lineup, it would take more than 15+ surfers for it to even begin to become crowded, but there are rarely more than 5 in the lineup year round. And while you are in the land of lefts, there are plenty of rights with two of them within walking distance of our home. Below are just a few of our the breaks we frequent.

Allison Kendro copied almost word for word what I had written in 2010 and submitted to – See below the original from 2010…

Original GreenSurf website content:

El Transito is a small, quaint fishing pueblo just off the beaten path on the Pacific coast of north-central Nicaragua. This unique crescent shaped cove provides a beautiful backdrop to a lineup that offers multiple peaks, which tend to bounce off of a few scattered rocks located just outside the take off zone. There are no submerged gas pipes underneath your floating surfboard and no ugly smokestacks spewing pollution. El Transito is free of annoying ‘jet engine’ type noises during the day or night, coming from nearby refineries and no offshore tankers in view. To the contrary, the view to the north and south consists of beautiful lava rock formations, rustic Nicaraguan construction and, in the rainy season, lush hills covered with cactus, coconut palms and other vegetation. The pueblo is generally clean, with locals and volunteer groups helping keep the beaches and the town area pleasant. The locals here are gracious and hospitable, eager to welcome travelers with a smile and a handshake.   We appreciate the guys at for posting an edited version I had written for publication in December 2010.

In this land of lefts, you can find plenty of rights here as well. Although the best, most common swells are from the SW-SSW, El Transito also accepts the occasional West-WNW swells too during the Nicaraguan summer (as long as it’s under 290 degrees). Best periods are anything 16 seconds or under, with 13 to 14 second periods being the sweetest. Over 16 seconds, it tends to shut down as the beach is fairly small. With a nice spread out lineup, it would take more than 15+ surfers for it to even begin to become crowded. However, there are rarely more than 5 in the lineup year round…

The extremely consistent El Transito break can be good all year round, just as long as it stays under a couple feet overhead. Typically, this spot is best in the Nicaraguan off season (late October to the end of March), as the swells are usually smaller during that time of year and more suitable for the break. There is a small point on the south end of the beach that we call the Corner (similar to Machete Point at Playa Maderas, but without the sketchy rock slab on the inside) with a rock/sand bottom that works on mid-period S/SW swells. It is a typically a mellow wave that can offer longer, playful lefts that can be fun on various boards, but sometimes it has some days where you can get a barrel. The other peaks on the main beach (sand bottom) are typically mellow lefts and rights, with mellower barrel sections and short to medium length waves suitable for most levels of surfers. This is a great beach for beginners learning to surf. El Transito is best from waist high to 1 ft overhead and on a mid tide, however, it will break on most tides. The tide swings here can be drastic, so the peaks will often change. The predominant offshore winds (250+ days/year) are best from the E/NE. These offshores rarely get too strong here, as opposed to the early months of the year in Southern Nicaragua, (hardly ever upwelling) and the water typically stays warm year round. However, you may occasionally need a 1mm top from Jan to March.

El Transito really shines in the typical Nicaraguan ‘slow season’ from the end of October through March. This is the Nicaraguan summer, when the weather is typically impeccable, with bright blue sunny skies and the winds are almost always offshore. The days are warm, not hot. The water is crisp and refreshing, not cold. The nights are clear and cool with little need for even a fan while sleeping. More than this, due to the shape of this small crescent shaped beach and the under water terrain just offshore, it sort of funnels every single little bump from Ma Ocean which means it rarely ever goes flat. When other breaks to the north and south look like a lake, El Transito will often be waist to chest high + and fun! There is little crowd during the typical high wave season from March to September, however, from October to March, the lineup is often completely empty, aside from GSN crew and clients.

There are other breaks within walking distance or a short boat ride that GSN can hook you up with. Meatgrinders point left barreling slab (if you dare) is a 45 min boat ride to the south. We prequalify our clients before this trip! About a 30 min boat trip to the north, there is the increasingly popular break of Puerto Sandino, which is one of the longer lefts in Nicaragua, offering 200+ yard lefts. There are other gems within walking distance that are known by the GSN crew. GSN is located directly in front of the barreling right hand wedge that we call PISTOLS. There is a little known big wave reef that shows up on the larger, longer period swells and a few others if you are down for a hike. This means waves for virtually all skill levels. The water hazards are minimal in the main beach as they are mostly located outside of the lineup at most tides. Bring your long board, short board, fish, SUP or anything you want to ride a wave on, there is enough variety here for it all!

Although there’s not much for nightlife here, it is paradise if you are really just looking to eat/sleep/surf as it is offshore almost everyday and rarely goes flat. Other daytime options include checking out the local rodeo or a game at the newly finished baseball field. There is some great coastal hiking to the south and north of El Transito’s beach. The near and offshore fishing is world class and GSN can dial you into that. Snorkeling on the rare flat days can be fun. Catch lobster and fish from the beach or meet the local fisherman as they arrive in from work early every morning and buy fish for a ridiculously cheap price straight off the panga. Walk into town and mingle with the friendly locals and buy a beer. We encourage the support of the local establishments. Leon and Managua are only a 2 to 2 and ½ hour bus ride away if you want to dab into some culture or Nica city life. We recommend Leon as it is the closest, vibrant Colonial city to the north with shops, markets, restaurants, museums, bars, discos, a movie theater and more. San Juan del Sur is approx. 4 hours south.

Additionally, Allison Kendro stole photographs from the GreenSurf website. The following screenshot was taken of the Solid Surf Facebook page. Jonathan Ocanto is there with a client of GreenSurf named Adrian. I won’t indicate his last name. I TOOK THIS PHOTO IN MIRAMAR BEACH. Good one Allison Kendro.

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