Weekend update 13-14, December 2014

Once again, a special summer weekend at GreenSurf… We’ve been lucky to welcome a group of lovely people for an Ayahuasca ceremony on Saturday night. It was a unique physical and spiritual experience in our beautiful garden. Palm trees, shooting stars and sounds of the ocean made the journey complete. Thank you Shaman Tote and all the participants for bringing the ancient Peruvian spirit to our Nicaraguan home.

With the dawn of Sunday morning we woke up seeing nice lines rolling in. Great conditions for the annual surf competition hosted at the main beach of El Transito. The local crew and the surfers from surrounding beaches made a nice pack of contenders for the event. Exciting qualification rounds decided the 6 man final. 4 locals and 2 surfers from Miramar were battling for the title. After a close heat judges found a winner. GreenSurf Nicaragua congratulates Luis Reynaldo for the first place as well as all the other finalists. Thanks for the great Sunday entertainment.

IMG_8357 IMG_8373




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