Wednesday, March 19 Surf Report

Even though MSW forecasts call for smaller stuff, the waves in El Transito are holding size nicely in the waist to head high range with fair to sometimes good form.DSC07972Just 2 friends outback at Pistols, making the lineup. I could hear Keenan screaming like a little girl on the party wave with KRod below. DSC07973The wind was super calm early with just a hint of offshore breeze after being breezy through the night. The wind held nicely out of the ENE all day. You can see below the 2nd barrel section off the wedge in the one starting to setup.DSC07974Krod took this wave and the long foamy didn’t survive. That’s 2 foamy’s in foamy heaven this week! What a beautiful wave to go out on though, about head high and just a perfect barrel A frame.TDSC07981There is Keenan below on a decent one…DSC07983Thanks for checking our report from Middle Pacific Nica!

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