Wednesday, March 12 Surf Report

Continued surf this morning in the waist to head high range with occasional larger sets.  Surface conditions were smooth and glassy early giving way to a light offshore breeze up until about 9:30 and then the wind went onshore early today at about 10 AM.


The main beach looks like it had some mellower fun stuff, but outback there were some frothy sets coming through and so we never were far from home.  I want to give a special thanks to Mr Kevin Rodriguez for letting me borrow his little point-and-shoot Sony so I can grab some photos.  That is K Rod and Keenan just one of several waves they shared this morning and the only ones in the lineup.


I’ve got some new lenses on the way (TY Travis and Sam!!!) and so the quality of the surf reports should steadily increase as the season moves forward.  For those of you who want an organic surf experience…


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