Tuesday, April 1 Surf Report

Happy Fools!  March is behind us and the waves have obviously been fun outback.  Swell filled in the past couple days providing sufficient head high barrels and plenty of punch.  Good barrel sections to air sections with ample lefts and rights on each end and the middle peak working as well, at times.IMG_3833

I walked down to the Corner with Krod to check other walkable peaks.  IMG_3846 As you can see….there were some working at The Corner.  With only a couple guys surfing, it was a wait for sets, but when they came, they were good.  The better sets at a solid head to foot overhead.  It worked for an hour or 2, then the tide came in fast.IMG_3920Here you can size it up a bit.  Most people sit in the wrong spot their first session.IMG_3922Back at Pistols (below) throwing absolutely gorgeous lefts….one of these will come in every 5 to 8 minutes or so…perfect with nobody out.  This one deserved a sequence for the man sized hole in the beginning giving way to some super rippable wall on the inside.  Just steps from GSN and one of the most picturesque backdrops in Nicaragua, right outback. IMG_3978IMG_3979IMG_3980IMG_3981IMG_3982IMG_3983IMG_3984IMG_3985IMG_3986Keenan going on  a fun small oneIMG_4019IMG_4058Keenan and Krod doing what they do best…partying IMG_4076The outback smackdown… IMG_4104IMG_4110IMG_4111IMG_4112IMG_4113IMG_4117And a beautiful sunset sesh…IMG_4168IMG_4177

A slice of paradise, El TransitoIMG_3739 IMG_3756Krod got a sick boogie barrel!IMG_3728 IMG_3724

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