Thursday, April 03 Surf Report

Today the waves were super fun in the chest / head high range.  I surfed earlier and so I took some photos at sunset.IMG_4354The tide was a bit full and so Keenan and Krod paddled out to play aroundIMG_4357 IMG_4361IMG_4363They ended up catching a few fun ones.  Nice one below with Krod boogying right and Keenan taking it left on his frontsideIMG_4367Close to the barrel, Krod!IMG_4368These frothy head high shore death barrels were coming in at about shoulder / head high and lots of punch…IMG_4369Keenan actually grabbed the wave right after the last photo.  So in the below photo you can see Keenan losing his balance.  Great way to practice your pigdogIMG_4370 IMG_4372 IMG_4380 IMG_4382 IMG_4389 IMG_4398IMG_4404A tarantula visited us for a couple of hours later in the evening.  She is beautiful!  But everyone was scared to get in close for a photo with her…IMG_3635 IMG_3629 IMG_3626 IMG_3642 IMG_3638 IMG_3647Thanks for looking!

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