Thursday, October 29, 2015 Surf Report

October 29, 2015 – There was a nice little increase in the swell energy today. Size was about chest high to a foot or 2 overhead on sets. Outback at Pistols it was unsurfable until….mmmm…I got in the water. I tell many travelers who stop by that this is one of several reasons why I decided to establish the GSN base here. The surf outback is volatile, moody…always changing. It is rare that a surfer not staying the night here catches it good. Perrrrrrfect. Moreover, I did not want to overcrowd a really consistent above-average wave. This spot is definitely not for most surfers. The peaks can shift fast and the barrel is powerful at this size. I got wrecked today trying to get in the critical angle for a pic or 2, which I got, despite my GoPro Hero 1 that fogs after 20 minutes and has a complete mind of its own. I never know when it is recording or not, so I take an extraordinary amount of involuntary selfies. It gets super annoying often, especially when I miss a good shot. The surface conditions were perfect up until about 12:30 with light offshore wind. Then it turned light onshore to give me the seabreeze after the session. There was plenty of time for 3 legit sessions in El Transito today, if you were on it early. Wave form was average to sometimes very good, overall, with many closing out, but enough lining up really nice and providing plenty of tube time. The next couple days look to be similar with the energy fading slowly, then another bump in size after that. Also, looks like more sun and more consistent offshore winds as we move toward November……super stoked to get some time in the aqua green room today. Thanks for looking and special thanks for those of you who support the cause of GSN.  Especially the young residents of El Transito.  BTW, the pics loaded backwards, so look from bottom to top. Lastly, if you are a fan of truth, drama and making fun of things that should be made fun of, check out my blog….where I get to express my mind more freely than I am allowed to on Facebook. Within 12 hours of the most recent post, Facebook, without warning, blocked my access to the personal page and erased most of the content of the past six years. So that has motivated me, like never before, to continue. It is not for the faint of heart, as sometimes shedding light on the truth is offensive to a few. But for those of you who love the truth, you can read about the GreenSurf Saga here. My next entry will feature something called plagiarism. Much peace, light, green and love.

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