Thursday, April 10 Surf Report

The surf has continued to drop a bit into the thigh to shoulder high range.  The offshore winds have been surprisingly strong, so the better conditions are between 6 and 9 am.  Then it, at times, it is just too darn strong offshore.  And what a tremor we felt today! It was a strong one that stirred us around for a bit.  Just a couple of people surfing and another beautiful (and exciting) day here 🙂IMG_4911IMG_4914Main beach…good for longboarding today…IMG_4922local kid wilburIMG_4924lots of empty a frame peaksIMG_4932outback at Pistols… little onesIMG_4938here comes GraftonIMG_4946toby may be a surfing dingo in the futureIMG_4956The right at Dave’s SpotIMG_4957Thanks for looking!!!

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