Greensurf Nicaragua offers an EXCLUSIVE tour of Leon that includes a trip to a beautiful sugar cane farm located just about 25 minutes drive north of Leon.554546_10152478965740494_1846101860_nThis farm, known as San Jeronimo, has been in the Baldizon family for generations. Raul‘s grandfather was a visionary when he realized that the spring-fed stream that led through the center of his land would be worth more than gold for generations to come. Raul has one of the only farms in the area that is naturally irrigated without pipes and pumped in water. It is irrigation by gravity. Raul actually outsources his water to surrounding farms via dams and ditches. The stream originates from a spring-fed source near the region of San Cristobal volcano that flows about 1 kilometer leading into a large pond that then flows through a small dam that regulates the water flow to the sugar crops.550342_10152462965040494_396766888_nThe water flows through the dam and then down into another submerged lagoon surrounded by mango trees, tall ginger plants and other lush vegetation. In the photos you can see some of the clients that have enjoyed the amazing waterfall massage. You can literally get the most amazing full body water massage in this place. It feels like a waterfall of youth after consistent overhead surf sessions and especially a night out in Leon. Float in the pond with a cold Tona or glass of award winning Flor de Cana rum and enjoy the view of San Cristobal through the lush vegetation or you can SUP up-stream. Only family and friends of Raul can experience the farm and GSN is proud to be in the extended family and we are excited to be able to extend this beautiful slice of paradise with our clients. When you take a tour of Leon with GSN, a portion of the proceeds always goes to the family and caretakers of the farm. Call or email if you want to experience this!  8269-1503 (Dave) or if you are in Leon just call Raul directly at 8673-5494.

Prices are as follows for a trip from Leon to The Farm in Raul’s newly restored Hilux named Daisy.  The tour includes a short scenic church route on the way out of downtown.  Raul will tell you great stories and answer any questions you may have, especially if you are a history enthusiast.  He speaks perfect English and Spanish and the Daisy has air-conditioning and enough room for 3 inside.  Any or more are welcome to ride in the bed.  Single traveler – $25.  / 2 to 3 ppl – $15 each  /4 or more…$12 each.