The Simple Green (tour)

Our driver, whether it be Neyman or Danilo Prado, Erick, (all long – time, respected residents of El Transito) will greet you at the airport, no matter what time it is, and take you to the GSN facilities located in this quaint fishing pueblo.  We will monitor your flight and he will be waiting for you at the airport.   We will help you out with your bags and make sure that you have plenty of ice-cold refreshments and a snack ready for your 1.5 hour ride to the beach.  Once you get to the beach, we’ll show you around a bit, where you will be sleeping, hanging out and surfing.  We will introduce you to our friends here and to the local surf breaks – Pistols – and the other breaks in the main beach – The Corner, Prados Peak, etc.  There are 8 or more additional breaks that we can take you to depending on your skill level, wave preference and the current swell / tide conditions.  There are spots that offer user-friendly sand-bottom breaks to heavy slabs, point breaks, river mouths, reef/rock setups and sand/rock bottom combos.  Some waves are quite mellow and forgiving and others can put your heart in your throat.  There is enough variety in this region, from the beginner level to the expert / professional level.  Most of the waves break left, but if you want rights, then we’ll take you to spots for the best chance at rights.  This region of Nicaragua offers waves that are suitable for riding fishes, shortboards, longboards, skimboards and SUPs.  But on the right swells there could be waves that you are going to need a mini-gun and a love for charging some long, heavy barrels.  Right outback at Pistols is one of the regions best breaks for skim-boarding and body-surfing.  Your typical day is going to be waking up to freshly prepared organic coffee  (one of the top Nicaraguan varieties from a private farm), fruit and sweet bread.  Then we load up and go surfing.  Your surf guide will be in tune with the swell conditions and your wave preference to ensure no time is wasted.  We’ll take some snacks and water for a mid-sesh recharge and then when you are surfed out, we head back to the base for some fresh Nica-style breakfast prepared by our lovely chef.  This is typically gallo pinto, eggs and fried plantains.  Other breakfast options are available for those of you who love banana pancakes, French toast, omelets, smoothies and more.  After breakfast, you may want to nap in the hammock a bit or take a dip in the pool.  But if the conditions are still good and the waves are still firing, then we hit the surf again.  We can surf all day if you can!  Somewhere in the mix, we will get a fresh lunch in, whether it consists of fresh seafood, chicken or beef plates prepared in the tradition of Nicaragua.  Once it is dark we tend to just chill at the house, eat some dinner, watch a surf video, review the day’s photos and get some rest, so we can do it all over again the next day.  If you’re still full of energy, we can see what’s going on in El Transito and there are a couple other towns close-by that can be interesting to walk through and fun to interact with the locals.  They are very friendly.  There are several natural tidal pools scattered up and down the region, cliffs and great hiking if you are the exploring type.  We can take our guests to explore volcanoes, sugar cane and coffee farms, the cities of Leon, Granada, Masaya or even check out the nightlife in one of these cities, if that’s your style.  Our favorite city (and the closest) is Leon and along with your Simple Green tour is included a backstage pass to this beautiful colonial city hosted by a GSN friend and long-time Leon resident with family history spanning 12 generations. Raul will co-host a pure historical tour that includes first-hand accounts of the civil conflict, a tour of the cathedrals and an unforgettable trip to his sugar cane farm. This is an exclusive, restricted area that only the guests of Raul and GSN can enter.  No tour company from Leon can offer this!  Finally, we encourage you to participate in one of the many programs that help to serve the community and the unfortunate.  There are several ways to help the families that live here in El Transito and we can do the same in at least 5 other cities, including Nagarote, Leon, Jinotega and Matagalpa.  At the end of your adventure we will make sure you get to the airport on time and in comfort.  If this sounds like a good surf trip and cultural tour to you then your next step is to go ahead and send us an email!

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