Surf Report – September 12, 2016

A great weekend of surf in Playa Hermosa. Sunny tropical conditions, light offshore winds, waves chest to overhead with all spots working. The point looked so flipping fun with perfect sets arriving about every 6 minutes and a crazy amount of perfect unridden lefts. Of course nobody surfing. Painfully beautiful to watch with my only shortboard just broken. The wind turned light onshore early afternoon for a couple of hours, then a shower passed before dark, cleaning up for a sunset session. Enjoyed the seabreeze cooling off the ocean. Surf forecast is to settle a bit then the biggest swell of the year is headed this way. We are looking for talented surfers to help us. We can lodge AND feed you ”gratis”if you can help us show the potential of the surf here. Experienced only. Email us for details… 087 086 085 079 078 068 066 064 062 059 091 075 054 052 051 050 049 024 022 009 003

Surf Report – September 02, 2016

This morning on an outgoing tide, light and variable winds at report time and mostly waist to shoulder high waves breaking over the low tide reef out front. Sets coming about every 6 or 8 minutes. Our place sits directly in front of this break, just on the other side of the estuary. I have not seen anybody surfing in days. Although the winds are not perfect offshore, the weather has not been overly rainy here. The winds are typcially onshore here in the late morning to early afternoon, but the reef holds the wave form and if you have a fun board you like to ride in onshore conditions…still potential for fun surfing without a crowd.008 007 006 001 003 (2) 263 027 009

Surf Report – August 20, 2016

After a couple of days of really fun overhead swell, the surf has dropped a bit, although still lots of waves in the chest to head high range. Every now and then a bigger set pops through. Pics are outback at the low tide reef with some good lefts working and, once again, nobody on it. Thanks for looking at our report and be sure to contact us if you are planning a surf trip to Nicaragua. We can help you score!003 011 013 015 017 019 023 024 025 026 032

Surf Report – August 19, 2016

The swell size is holding nicely today, just a bit less consistent and not as heavy as yesterday when the swell peaked in size. Sets are still providing solid head high to 2 or 3 feet overhead on the biggest ones. The wind again perfect all day like yesterday. Playa Hermosa Central handles strong swell much better than El Transito and so that is just one of the reasons we moved our surf camp here. Also, there was NOBODY surfing here and the waves were really, really good all week. If you are planning a surf trip and you like the idea of discovering new waves and experiences, let us know. This is one of the last seldom-touched stretches of coastline of unridden quality surf that still exists in Nicaragua and it will not last forever. Call us or email us for reservations / availability and thanks for looking…151 133 105 094 074 072 071 069 065 062 061 126 125

Surf Report – August 18, 2016

Pumping swell today Thursday with most waves head high to a few feet overhead. The point at Los Playones serving up a heavy dose of wave action. The north peak at KPs was making a nice A frame too with spitting barrels at times. Nobody surfing the entire beach….just your reporter.124 081 078 076 075 070 064 051 026 021 012

Surf Report – August 17, 2016

5 different waves working today in Playa Hermosa with the Reef looking fun early. As the tide filled in the other spots were turning on nicely. Mounds was making a long rolling A frame and there were 2 or 3 different peaks looking fun at Kiddie Pools…..with nobody surfing all of this. I told my fiancee as we were walking to the rocky point left that with the conditions today there were so many waves and spread out different peaks that the beach could handle 50 surfers or more. But there were ZERO. It is still like a dream walking this beach and seeing nobody surfing on a day like today. Just one local fisherman handlining off the beach. This small stretch of beach is still as quiet and untouched as ever. We arrived at the point and I was super pleased to find consistent head high lefts with some sets up to 2 feet overhead. I was the only one surfing with my choice of waves. Some sets were arriving with 8 or 10 waves and the bigger, the better. This is what I love about GreenSurf not being located in El Transito any more. The surf closes out in El Transito much of the high wave season because the small crescent shaped beach just cannot handle long period waves. Almost every wave I took today provided room for at least 3 turns…..and I surf slow, there are 2 distinct barrel sections on the wave and it can be longgg…..I had 7 turns on one wave that ran from the peak all the way to the far inside bay. 8 out of 10 today and jelly legs from a sweet 2 and half hour session. Thanks to my beautiful fiancee Janeth for taking photos. more swell in the water, maybe a bit more energy for tomorrow Thursday and still energy in the water for the coming week.002 006 054 068 076 087 091 098 113

Surf Report – August 16, 2016

After the first pulse of swell filled in yesterday, the current swell has settled in and the waves are running in the chest to head high range and quite consistent. I did not see anybody surfing in Playa Hermosa all day. The wind was perfect today until about 11 30, then it turned very light onshore. The next several days should be offshore all day. We will see…Tomorrow will arrive a new pulse of swell that should provide a couple of days of overhead energy. 089 173 165 161 127

Surf Report – August 13, 2016

A little bit bigger swell on Saturday with 5 different waves working today, for the beginners, intermediates and the advanced surfer. The south bay had a nice long peeler at the full tide, The REEF was good at the lower tide. KPs was delivering at mid tide. The Louvre had the best waves. I surfed alone at The Louvre. Thanks to my wife for making the walk with me and taking the still shots. Lots of swell on tap for the next 10 days and there is plenty of room available.025 123 117 109 099 097 034

Surf Report – August 11, 2016

The surf started building this afternoon with inconsistent head high sets. Pics are of the REEF out front some time today. Empty lineup painfully beautiful to watch the building sets as I take photos. Inconsistent but good sets at times so what more could you want. Lots of swell in the forecast. All local surf spots will be really good on the right tides if the wind forecast holds. It may get big enough next week to ride some big barrells here…plan on surfing Los Playones a lot during certain times so if you are an experienced surfer and love surfing unknown left points you may wanna stop in.

002 005 014 016 023 024 025 026 027

Surf Report – August 10, 2016

Small waves today in the waist to chest high range and good winds all day. Fun on the right equipment. Empty lineup. Took a swim today with the youngsters. Swell on the way.

016 015 014 012 010 002