Surf Report – September 12, 2016

A great weekend of surf in Playa Hermosa. Sunny tropical conditions, light offshore winds, waves chest to overhead with all spots working. The point looked so flipping fun with perfect sets arriving about every 6 minutes and a crazy amount of perfect unridden lefts. Of course nobody surfing. Painfully beautiful to watch with my only shortboard just broken. The wind turned light onshore early afternoon for a couple of hours, then a shower passed before dark, cleaning up for a sunset session. Enjoyed the seabreeze cooling off the ocean. Surf forecast is to settle a bit then the biggest swell of the year is headed this way. We are looking for talented surfers to help us. We can lodge AND feed you ”gratis”if you can help us show the potential of the surf here. Experienced only. Email us for details… 087 086 085 079 078 068 066 064 062 059 091 075 054 052 051 050 049 024 022 009 003

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