Surf Report – May 05 to May 10, 2016

May 05, 2016 – Woke up this morning to overcast, drizzly skies and light onshore winds so the low tide spot out front looked a little sloppy. No worries as we are in much need of rain here on the central pacific coast. I began preparing the shortboards for some ding repair but then the wind turned around offshore at about 11. The water surface was cleaning up real nicely with fun sized swell in the waist to head high range. I did not get to paddle out until about 1, when the wind flopped back around onshore, but still found some mounds to ride on the turbo banana. Since the tide was super full, I started out on the mellowest peak that gave up some easy right-handers. As I was paddling out, 2 locals who were repairing a porch deck on a beachfront house in front of the peak, stopped what they were doing and walked down to the beach to watch me surf, hooting at me as I would take a wave to the inside reef section. It felt so nostalgic as I remember this when I first arrived in this area in 2009, opening GSN first in Playa Hermosa and then the 2nd location at the Pistols surf break in El Transito, before the competition arrived and the soul was still pure. Even before opening GSN and inviting traveling surfers, I remember surfing El Transito with nobody around, just a couple of locals. Now that El Transito is busier than ever, with 3 or 4 newer surf camp options and more surfers in the lineup than ever, we are very content to return to our roots. So as the tide began dropping, I simply paddled 5 minutes over to KP´s for some longer lefts until the tide got too low. Here in Playa Hermosa, it is still pretty much off the grid so typically no other surfers around, unless staying with us. The surf forecast is showing more favorable wind conditions beginning on Friday the 6th and then it looks like we will have very good conditions with some solid swell. We finally got the new internet and WIFI up and it seems to be working great. That being said, please allow us 24 hours for email reply as I am continuing to kill my addictions, including being connected to the internet 24/7. We usually have room, so go ahead and stop on by. It is super easy to arrive – just get to Puerto Sandino or Miramar and ask any moto taxi and they will charge you about 10 dollars for the ride here. Call us on the phone for the quickest response! Thanks for looking. Will get some better photos and video up soon. THANK YOU TO ALL FOR THE RECENT SUPPORT, ESPECIALLY TO OUR FAMILY AND STELLAR FAN BASE.

May 06, 2016 – Cloudy tropical weather once again on Friday morning. The surf remains about the same size at mostly stomach to shoulder high. Some nice sets in the head high range are still present, although a bit less consistent than yesterday. Glassy surface conditions with fair to good form lining up over the low tide REEF. The wind was perfect calm from sunrise at about 5:30 up until about 8, when the onshore wind started to increase. The tide bottomed out super low this morning so the far outside peak was working nicely when the head high sets arrived – super easy deep water take-off to the main reef section and then to the inside. This morning was especially beautiful with lots of mackerel jumping inside the reef. I typically waited for the 2nd or 3rd wave of the set, rode it to the inside and rarely hit whitewater on the paddle back out. Chill morning session of about 2 hours all by myself until hunger struck. I never waited more than 5 minutes or so for a good set wave. Now at 2 PM, the onshore breeze has settled in, so the hammocks are ready. It may clean up before dark. MSW forecast is still showing the offshore winds returning for tomorrow (at least until mid – day) and holding steady through next week with new long-period swell arriving on Sunday. The morning conditions should be real nice! Email us for reservations and availability or just stop in as there is plenty of room available with economy options at $15/night. It is easy to arrive from all directions, whether you are coming from the airport in the capital city of Managua, Leon or from the south beaches of Rivas. The best option is to find your way to Puerto Sandino / Miramar and then look for a mototaxi. For 2 persons you can expect to pay 200 or 300 cordobas for the ride to GreenSurf Playa Hermosa. Before arriving in Puerto Sandino you can pre-arrange your mototaxi by calling Elia at 7683-6085 (he usually offers the best price) or Isidro at 5502-4266. Call us at 8154-0337 for the fastest response to any question you may have! Thanks for checking out our website and we look forward to serving you in the future.

May 07, 2016 – Light offshore winds returned this morning although wave sized dropped to a less consistent waist to chest high with a larger set every now and then. Still beautiful water, aqua translucent over the reef with sea turtles and the local fish enjoying the lineup with me. The wind stayed perfect until about 1 PM and then flopped onshore as forecast. Stronger energy will be filling in tomorrow and will last through the week. Here is how it looked today.

May 09, 2016 – The new swell filled in slowly on Sunday afternoon and this morning sets are in the head high range up to a couple feet overhead. Super glassy throughout sunrise until about 8 AM when the offshore wind started to blow. There was a bit of cross angle with the wind, so just a little bit bumpy on the wave face, but still good to very good conditions up to around 1 PM, then the wind flopped around onshore for a few hours. About an hour before sunset the wind calmed again and mother nature provided a gorgeous ending to the day. Surfed KP´s first until the tide began dropping then instead of paddling in, walking up the beach and another paddle out to the REEF, just stayed in the water and made the easy 15 minute paddle. The swell should be filled in nicely for Tuesday. All beds are available up until Wednesday afternoon; however, still 4 or 5 beds available. There is good back to back to back swell in the forecast. Surf overload is on tap! Call us for the quickest reply or email and give us 24 hours to respond.

May 10, 2016 – Camera fogged up fast, but got a couple shots. Very good head high swell with some sets bigger. Mostly good form today, super glassy early with offshore winds until about noon.

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<p><a href=”″>May 06, 2016 Video Report – The Reef</a> from <a href=”″>GreenSurf Nicaragua</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

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