Surf Report – August 19, 2016

The swell size is holding nicely today, just a bit less consistent and not as heavy as yesterday when the swell peaked in size. Sets are still providing solid head high to 2 or 3 feet overhead on the biggest ones. The wind again perfect all day like yesterday. Playa Hermosa Central handles strong swell much better than El Transito and so that is just one of the reasons we moved our surf camp here. Also, there was NOBODY surfing here and the waves were really, really good all week. If you are planning a surf trip and you like the idea of discovering new waves and experiences, let us know. This is one of the last seldom-touched stretches of coastline of unridden quality surf that still exists in Nicaragua and it will not last forever. Call us or email us for reservations / availability and thanks for looking…151 133 105 094 074 072 071 069 065 062 061 126 125

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