Sunday – Fishing Day

The first day of February was bringing small waves and a lot of wind so we decided to give our surfboards a rest and change them for fishing equipment. Robin, our local friend, took us out to the south end of the El Transito bay, passed the point and picked a nice spot on the rocks to teach us a bit about fishing.

He prepared the bait and showed us how to throw the line, so we could also have a go.

Eva was the luckiest one of us, first she had a small white fish on the hook and then a baby stingray. We threw them back in the ocean and let the local fishermen hunt on for our dinner. Besides these we saw some beautiful green fishes and a huge turtle in the water.

It was a great experience, thank you Robin!

IMG_7905 IMG_7904 IMG_7954 IMG_7949 IMG_7943 IMG_7934 IMG_7930 IMG_7925 IMG_7919

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