This is the page where I document the thievery, lies and deception of Allison Kendro and the physical assaults of Jhon Ocanto, the current owners/operators of Solid Surf Adventures in El Transito. I include numerous links to documents, photos, online publications, etc. that can put together cases for criminal activity. It also documents my personal relationship with a Canadian drug trafficker named Aaron Chad Helferty and his physical assaults against me and my family. Their organization is clear to see and I have attempted to lay out the documentation in chronological order according to my own history, living in Playa Hermosa and El Transito, Nicaragua.

I landed in Nicaragua on 09/09/2009 with only my filled board bag, a tote-bag and my trusty Jack-Russel Terrier named Roxy. An acquaintance of mine, Jonathan Ocanto, was still living in Atlantic Beach, Florida. For a couple weeks I stayed at Gorgito Montealegre’s house, a nephew of my associate partner, Frank Amador. Then I moved to the house of Danilo and Chepita Blandon (I knew absolutely NOTHING about the history of Danilo Blandon nor who he was, besides Frank’s best friend). From there, I began emailing Jonathan Ocanto, him still in Florida. The following is copied from a FaceBook conversation with Jonathan Ocanto in October 2009.

10/9, 3:46pm

Jhon Ocanto


dave dammed you sound like a very searious buisness man. Ya man like i told you before i love to be one of you safety rescue guides for your company all we need is the equipment for me and matt and we will be set as work goes the only problem i have is that i have to cover rent here witch is not much but ill figure out . Me and matt are great working as a team and is good that you think about safety cuz thats what your customers want, Have the fun of the surf and the country sites but safely. i already spread the word down in venezuela about you and the surf camp, just let me know what do i have to do to get on board, Thank you for consider me as you staff dude”

Jonathan arrived in late December 2009 and I began showing him my new world. From 2010 to 2011, Jonathan and I worked together and we began partying together as well (which was my biggest mistake). After a while being clean of cocaine, I began buying it again at the request of Jonathan. This would later help to destroy my business, letting others come in and take advantage of my addictions.

Allison Kendro came as a tourist along with her friend K. Dilks in late 2011.

Click here for an excerpt from the original email with miss Dilks, whom Allison Kendro came with as a tourist.

At no time or point, in the email conversations prior to nor during their first vacation from November 25-29, 2011, did either of the two ask me about volunteering in the community. To miss Dilk’s credit she did respond to my request to them to bring some donations for the local kids. What Allison DID later ask me about during her vacation was a future business opportunity. Allison explained to me that she was a marketing guru and said that she wanted to help me upgrade my website. After Allison left on November 29th, she stayed in contact with me via Facebook and Gmail.

Her 2nd trip was from March 29 to April 08, 2012 – Click here for a copy of her itinerary sent to my email

At no time during their 2nd vacation did they ask me about volunteering. I mention this in reaction to an article that Allison wrote about herself and had published on a surf-oriented website called ‘the inertia’. There is a page called ‘in the news’ on her website. The article published in ‘the inertia’ can be seen here. She HAD this article featured on her ‘in the news’ page until recently. I have to believe she pulled it down from her website because of the blatant falsehood that is the article.

The 2nd paragraph reads ”In November of 2012, I ventured to El Transito, Nicaragua and, in a country so poor, people were so happy. I started to ask myself what I was doing wrong and why I was so unhappy.” and then continues on with her marketing garbage.

It was on her site until sometime in 2015, according to web-archive

Ironically, on April 08, 2012, we made the front page of the Florida Times Union Easter edition, click here

I still am thankful to M. Soergel, the writer of the article, as I never solicited this publicity.

Between December 2011 and April 2012 Allison and I communicated regarding her offer to me to revise the GreenSurf website completely.

Click here for a copy of Allison’s email to me on April 15, 2012

Here is a version of Allison’s new website for GreenSurf she sent to me April 25, 2012 – click here

This is how she stole the content and photos for her own website.

06/18/2012 Allison sent me an email – Hey Dave,

Can you send me a list of all the email’s you have with people who have stayed at GSN. I would love to send out an email with a link to the new website with messaging stating “things are moving forward/changing for the better at GSN.” Hopefully peak their interest to come back and check out our new packages and offerings. And then from there on out we can continue to message to them with new packages and deals when we don’t have anyone staying at the camp – click for a screenshot

What Allison actually did was send emails to my clients informing them that GreenSurf was going to be closing soon, but not to worry as there was a brand new, better surf hotel – Solid Surf.

During this time, I noticed an increase in the communication between my tour guide, Jon, and Allison. After his relationship began with Allison Kendro, I started sensing problems with Jon – not being cooperative with me. He only wanted to use my laptop and my cell phone to communicate with Allison. I confronted him about my concerns that he may be doing business with her ‘on the side’. I expressed my feelings that it was okay to do business with her, but not while working with GSN. If they wanted to do business together, Jon should leave GSN and they are free to compete with GSN. Jon responded to me, assuring me that there was no business dealings. My ‘friend’ was lying to me. Soon after, I would find the proof of deception from Allison and Jonathan.

The last emails regarding BUSINESS with Allison were up until July 5th, 2012 – click here for a screenshot

There were emails regarding pricing, marketing & collateral. She wanted a commission for Jonathan which I totally disagreed with. I started getting suspicious of her skewed views of Jonathan, but realized this was because of their personal / sexual relationship.

Between July 5th and July 30th I was very suspicious of her activity (and I was getting high way too much). One day around mid – July, Jonathan had arranged 3 girls (prostitutes from Managua) to come spend the day / night. I bought drinks and drugs as was the norm, but I became very uneasy when I noted Jonathan sniffing cocaine, messing around with the girls and then Skyping to Allison, all at the same time. This is when I ‘threw Jon under the bus’. I reminded Allison that I did not want any ‘drama’ to affect any of our business relationships and so I told her about our actions. Allison proceeded to apparently ‘break up’ with Jonathan. But then soon-after ‘got back together’.

I assume this is when Jon retaliated and ‘threw me under the bus’. Jon knew I was an addict and this was his time to strike…and that he did…for a long time thereafter, along with the help of many. I learned in the following years that nobody who knew about my addictions wanted to confront me and really help. Most people just like to watch.

Later in April of 2015, Allison and Jonathan produced another publication of lies – this time at Eastern Surf Magazine.

´´ESM: What was the original inspiration for starting SOLID?

Allison: When Jhon was in Cayuga, Venezuela, he saw a person drowning in the ocean, swam out to the guy, and brought him back to life with some basic CPR. Everyone was grateful but also wondering how he did it. That first experience being in a country with very little CPR or emergency training — and being able to teach a handful of locals how to do what he had just done for their friends — stuck with him and made him want to teach more people in other areas that are so far from help how to help their own people. When Jhon first came to Nicaragua, he taught many locals how to perform basic CPR as well as how to swim and surf. Before SOLID came to El Transito, the locals hadn’t seen surfers — they used to watch and clap as they saw Jhon “walk on water.” Now there are 11 locals who know how to surf/swim and can help others. It’s turned into a small surf community with a great vibe.

Jhon: That focus on volunteering and interacting with the community stuck with me as I helped to grow another Nicaraguan surf camp from scratch. But in time, I found my goals and vision to be different than that of the owner I was working for, and I wanted to start my own company that was more intertwined with the local community. It wasn’t until I met Allison, though, who provided a different skill set to round out my skills, that this vision could become a reality. With Allison’s business experience and my operational experience, we had the right combination of expertise to create SOLID Surf & Adventure in 2012´´

”Before SOLID came to El Transito, the locals hadn’t seen surfers” – WTF!!!!!?????

Finally, Eastern Surf Magazine has pulled the bogus interview from their website, but Allison still has it on her ‘in the news’ page It used to be a clickable link but she has changed that format. I imagine that if I investigated the Canadian publication, it would be traced back to the brother of Aaron Chad Helferty, the cocaine king-pin of El Transito and Canadian convict.

Below is a copy of Facebook conversations between Allison Kendro and myself.

Allison – you were MIA! 7/30/2012, 6:28pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

i got so much shit done

sometimes dave has to leave the beach, actually that is by far the longest i have been away from the beach, since i moved here

7/30, 6:29pm


7/30, 6:30pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

i visited the doc twice about my back, been long overdue for that·

7/30, 6:30pm

that’s good

7/30, 6:30pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

getting a pool / ping pong conversion table

7/30, 6:30pm


7/30, 6:31pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

just booked a 2 week, 3 person group from Portugal

for October

7/30, 6:31pm


7/30, 6:33pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

but enuf about me i wanna hear about you

7/30, 6:34pm

Well i think a lot has kind of changed recently

7/30, 6:34pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

so whats up

7/30, 6:35pm

Well i have a few opportunities here that i didn’t know I had

and like i mentioned in my email… i think i had to take a step back and re-evaluate my reasons for wanting to do certain things

7/30, 6:35pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

sure ok

7/30, 6:35pm

and i’ve done a lot of thinking about what allison wants ha

7/30, 6:36pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

hey if i drop out its cuz i am driving thru mangagua

are u still coming in august?

7/30, 6:37pm

well what i’ve been asked to do here for the surf shop… i can’t leave in august

7/30, 6:38pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

oh ok

7/30, 6:38pm

there’s a few things that i’m really excited about here and would like to focus on

7/30, 6:38pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

are u still gonna be able to help with the site or should i learn html?

whatever u wanna do is cool, i just want to know….and i didn’t know this stuff til i asked you

7/30, 6:39pm

completely. it’s just developed over the past week or two too

7/30, 6:39pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

i am stoked you’re more into the surf industry for sure

7/30, 6:40pm

yeah me too, for sure

i have you to thank for that ha

7/30, 6:40pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

haha, ill take the credit!

7/30, 6:41pm

oh about the website… i can pass that over to you.

it’s really easy

i mean things are already set up so its just changing things here and there

really easy

7/30, 6:41pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

nice….ok, so let’s have a class soon, teacher

7/30, 6:41pm

hah aok

i have a document i think as well

for all the things i learned how to do

but honestly, i learned stuff also just googling ha

7/30, 6:42pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

and i guess as my thanks for you creating it….you can come back any time and you’re never gonna pay anything, except maybe for the ride to the beach ok

really? fuck me

it can’t be THAT hard then

just the letters HTML scare me

7/30, 6:42pm

haha thanks dave smile emoticon

don’t let it haha

trust me smile emoticon

you’ll get it

7/30, 6:42pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

u know what i mean silly

it’s not like google has the meaning and instructions for EVERYTHING in the universe….mmm….wait…

7/30, 6:43pm


7/30, 6:44pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

how have the wave been?

7/30, 6:44pm

pretty shitty

but i think they are going to pick up soon


7/30, 6:44pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua


7/30, 6:44pm

the one good thing about not going in august is hurricane season here smile emoticon ha

7/30, 6:45pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

i wanna go home! i have not stayed 3 nights in a row at the beach in over 2 weeks!

haha…yeah, howz that looking, anything brewing?

7/30, 6:46pm

nothing that i’ve heard of yet

but hopefully!

7/30, 8:35pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

just got home

7/30, 8:43pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

oh and i love LOVE that photo of u with the board in the street

7/30, 9:42pm

haha yeah that’s a pretty cool pic

July 31, 2012

7/31, 3:59pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

hey let me know when we can do a pooter lesson k?

btw, i think both of us where having a super blonde moment with the camera cord….the same usb cable of my still cam workds

the cord we don’t have is the audio / video that goes to a TV, which i dont really give a fuck about

now im gonna start playing with some video editing

7/31, 4:07pm


7/31, 4:09pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

yeah right!?

7/31, 4:10pm

I knew there was something weird with that

7/31, 4:14pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

yeah i know…what’s funny is i took the cam to managua, asked for a usb cord and they give me the same old cord….it fits..and i am like WTF…so now i have just 1 more cord…works good though!

7/31, 4:27pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

anyway, lemme know when u think we can do a class or send me some docs or something

7/31, 7:25pm

Sounds good. I’ll send you some stuff tomorrow smile emoticon

August 1, 2012

8/1, 3:59pm

dave! i will send you that document tonight after i clean it up. can you send me that picture of me from the last trip on that wave that looked really big?!

(from meg’s camera/photos)

8/1, 5:27pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

thanks Allison! yeah i believe i have it…ill get it to you later…gotta make a trip to mga now luvya!

August 5, 2012

8/5, 8:38pm

i can’t find that document frown emoticon i’m still looking for it though

August 15, 2012

8/15, 2:14pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua   –  

hey alliface, how r u stranger

8/15, 2:14pm


i’m alright, how are you doing?

8/15, 2:15pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

im doing ok….hanging in there, dealing with some shit, but that’s always gonna be the case

8/15, 2:15pm

haha yeah

8/15, 2:15pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

hows your life transition going?

8/15, 2:15pm

true true

it’s going haha

i’m actually going to be headed down to the East Coast Surf Championships in Va. Beach·

8/15, 2:15pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

i saw you online with jon the other night but he slammed the pooter shut before i could say hi

8/15, 2:15pm

hoping to do the contest and get contacts in the industry and hand out my biz card

8/15, 2:16pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua


nice Allison

8/15, 2:16pm

yeah for sure

the past couple weeks i’ve just been working hard on getting it all together

8/15, 2:16pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

hey i wanted to let u know dont worry bout the html stuff, got a dude here that’s gonna be helping me with that and some other stuff

8/15, 2:16pm

and i’ll be sitting down with the owner of the surf shop here in a day to go over stuff

ok yeah, for some reason i can’t find that html sheet i had

i’ve looked all over

it’s weird

and i’m kind of pissed

but… you can download all those files that are up there now

and work off of that

8/15, 2:17pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

i dont know what you’re talking about, downloading files, but this guy and I are gonna go thru the website and he’s gonna fill me in

8/15, 2:18pm

haha ok… well i guess what i’m saying is you already have access to all the files that are hosting that website through godaddy

8/15, 2:19pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

and he told me some classes or tutorials on html that i can find on google

so i may be hitting you up with a question every now and then

8/15, 2:19pm

yes… actually i’m putting together my own website and i’ve been you tubing the shit out of it

8/15, 2:19pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

is the whole site in html?

8/15, 2:19pm



8/15, 2:19pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

you tubing your website? or you tubing tutorials?

8/15, 2:20pm


8/15, 2:20pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

oh cool, escellent

8/15, 2:21pm

because i’m still new at it too

how are things going down there?

8/15, 2:28pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

well, everything was very excellent until last night i had my first pick pocket and they fucking SCORED on me… boxed in by like 5 or 6 guys walking thru a crowd last night in Leon, there was a celebration, so lotsa people out, TONS of people out, so got caught in a group of 5 dudes, pushing and shoving and jacked my wallet, super super bummer, I JUST had shook hands on a new board purchase and about 5 minutes ago, i had to renig on the deal cuz i got robbed…..other than that and some HUGE miscommunication with staff things are awesome, tons of people coming, gotta great tour in October, which is typically our worse month, a renter for all of september and more tours for November, December / January will always produce travelers so all in all up and up

8/15, 2:30pm

damn sucks about the pick pocket

but great on the others

8/15, 2:34pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

on the back end, organizational stuff, LOTS going on, i’m going for residency, getting the co legitimate

8/15, 2:34pm


8/15, 2:35pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

yeah gonna be getting a real legit property manager

8/15, 2:35pm

that’s good

things are coming into place then

hopefully that happens soon with my shit ha

8/15, 2:41pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

for what it’s worth i pray for you…you’re a super good person and I want whatever u want to be successful

8/15, 2:41pm

thanks dave smile emoticon

yeah this is the tough part

8/15, 2:41pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

and hey don’t ever forget, any time you wanna stay here, as long as we gotta bed open, you’re welcome

8/15, 2:41pm

but hopefully it all pulls together

thanks so much!

i def. want to plan a trip back at some point if i can

it’s all up to the funds

because right now, i have none

but i know you understand that!

8/15, 2:46pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

yeahhh especially at this moment, haha

8/15, 2:46pm


8/15, 2:48pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

its such a bummer, cuz it was quite a chunk of money (that i had no biz walking around Leon with in my pocket, but I was just about to leave Leon anyway, FUCKKK!!!!!) to go into the first stages of landscaping this place, i have a girl here at this moment that is ‘plan-scaping’ ideas for us, property borders of natural flower / thorn / cactus combo, flowers, orchids, fruit trees, veggies, herbs….all about to go down

8/15, 2:49pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

and it’s gonna be a real landscape, gonna divide the front of the property where you drive in, into 4 different sections, dorm sector, employee sector, fruit sector, veggie sector

its gonna be really beautiful, im pumped

8/15, 2:50pm

that’ll look great!

8/15, 2:52pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

yeah this girl works with a legit company out of MGA….shes helping me out with some good friends discounts too, so super pumped, after its all in, we’ll have plantains, melons, watermelons, oranges, limes, tomatoes, onions and a full herb garden, hopefully full on, ready and growing by early next year

8/15, 2:53pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

anyway i gotta get some stuff done, if you see my fav blonde jersey girl, say hello to her for me and give her a hug

8/15, 2:54pm

that’d be great

ok will do… i see her every day now smile emoticon

i’ll tell her you say hello

8/15, 3:31pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua  **(from here on down, please excuse my profanity as I have revised Allison’s name to ‘bitch’)**

thanks bitch, see u!

8/15, 3:32pm

see ya!

August 18, 2012

8/18, 8:53pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

heya got a friend just looking around in the back end of the website, the admin wordpress site here is not working he says, so he wants to know how u access it….does that make sense? haha

8/18, 8:55pm

Ha I’m at s bachelorette but no ha I have no idea

I don’t.know that much

8/18, 8:56pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

ummm, haha…ok ill get with sam, have fun smile emoticon

8/18, 10:42pm

Sorry hammered ha

August 19, 2012

8/19, 12:28pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

its okay bitch i wont bother u any more with website stuff….i think you’re too busy with your other stuff, so it’s fine, thanks again for all of your help with the website in the revamp and everything. I’ll get with sam for future assistance and some new folks that are really on board. Hope you and Jon work it out. Take care of your heart ok

8/19, 12:31pm

No worries. Yeah trying to find a job in the industry so heading to va beach for east coast championships this week. I don’t know that much about the website stuff more than just designing it all etc so Sam is probably better to help.

8/19/2012, 12:36pm

GreenSurf Nicaragua

cool good luck bitch

In the following days I confirmed that Allison had erased all of the data from the GreenSurf website and left it as a blank page. But this was only the beginning of her attacks.  I would have no more contact with her via email.  The only other contact I have had with her since then is some vicious eye-contact, after she opened her competing surf camp – Solid Surf Tours / Solid Surf Adventures. When I would see her in the surf lineup in the ocean, she was afraid to make eye-contact with me. Jonathan stayed near her and would threaten me verbally.

Click here to see an email from me to my associate expressing some concerns – August 2012

My business associate – Frank Amador – had wanted me to fire Jonathan much earlier.

Here is a copy of an email Frank sent to Jonathan regarding his disrespect earlier in 2010 – click here

He had went to Venezuela December 2010 and returned in January 2011 drugged up after taking over 40 pills (according to him) while still in Venezuela, Jon later told me laughingly. Guillermo Perez, a friend of my associate and former Nicaraguan ambassador to Peru/Brazil, picked Jon up from the airport as a personal favor and brought him to his own home to sober up. Later, Guillermo complained to my associate that he had entered his library destroying his computer and vandalizing his books and medals that he had received from the United Nations. My associate was furious with Frank and was all but screaming at me to fire Jonathan, but I resisted the advice. I thought he was my friend and I was too dependent on his Spanish translation, me barely knowing Spanish.

September 01, 2012 – my associate sends me an email hoping that I had fired Jonathan – click here.

The bitch from New York he is referring to is Allison Kendro. ‘Daniel the menace’ is Jonathan Ocanto. He was bothered because Allison’s revision of the original GreenSurf website had shamelessly featured more of Jonathan and herself.

I actually had not fired him yet. Finally, on September 02, 2012, I fired him after confirming his business relationship with Allison Kendro. Jonathan was furious with me. He told me ‘You better watch your back – there are people who don’t want you here’. I called Frank, my associate, to confirm to him that I fired Jonathan and relayed his threat to me.

Click here for a copy of my conversation between me and my associate concerning Jon’s firing and his threats against me.

Now, Allison would have readers to believe something very different concerning the origins of Solid Surf. If you are still reading this, please note the CONSTANT revising of her website. She first covered her original theft and plagiarism I have documented below –

In December 03, 2010 I sent to J. Warren:


Click here for a full screenshot of the Surfline travel page that used to exist

The above page existed as shown until January 06, 2017. I saw it on this day. The next day, on January 07, 2017, I checked the same page again and the content is missing. For January 7th and 8th the page existed but the content was missing. Now if you click on the Surfline link – you can see that the content has been restored, however, they deleted my name after the article.

Here is a link to to a screenshot just after I noticed that someone restored the content. You can see how the ”-Dave of GreenSurf Nicaragua” has been removed. Why the recent activity?

Someone is trying to cover their tracks or help someone else cover up something. I wish I would have taken a screen shot of that page on January 06 before someone at Surfline edited the page, deleting the content…and then on January 08 of the nearly blank page, but oh well…

Click here for a screenshot of my GMAIL account with the submission to J. Warren of in Dec, 2010

Just under 2 years later, around October 2012, Allison Kendro – founder / owner of Solid Surf Adventures – practicing her winning marketing strategy and utilizing obvious plagiarism posted this on version 1 of the Solid Surf website:

I know the screenshot is hard to see, so you can click HERE which will take you to WEBARCHIVE.ORG and the original internet post. Afterwards, she removed the plagiarism.

Also here – 

And finally click here for a better view

The best, most common swells are from the SW-SSW, but El Transito accepts the occasional West-WNW swells during the Nicaraguan summer (as long as it’s under 290 degrees). It also tends to be much more consistent than any other break due to the beach’s shape and under water terrain just offshore, and when breaks to the north and south look like a lake, El Transito will often be waist to chest high + and fun! Best periods are anything 16 seconds or under, with 13 to 14 second periods being the sweetest. Over 16 seconds, it tends to shut down but we’ll take you to the other breaks where you’re sure to score. As for the lineup, it would take more than 15+ surfers for it to even begin to become crowded, but there are rarely more than 5 in the lineup year round. And while you are in the land of lefts, there are plenty of rights with two of them within walking distance of our home. Below are just a few of our the breaks we frequent.

Allison Kendro copied almost word for word what I had written in 2010 and submitted to – See below the original from 2010…

Original GreenSurf website content:

El Transito is a small, quaint fishing pueblo just off the beaten path on the Pacific coast of north-central Nicaragua. This unique crescent shaped cove provides a beautiful backdrop to a lineup that offers multiple peaks, which tend to bounce off of a few scattered rocks located just outside the take off zone. There are no submerged gas pipes underneath your floating surfboard and no ugly smokestacks spewing pollution. El Transito is free of annoying ‘jet engine’ type noises during the day or night, coming from nearby refineries and no offshore tankers in view. To the contrary, the view to the north and south consists of beautiful lava rock formations, rustic Nicaraguan construction and, in the rainy season, lush hills covered with cactus, coconut palms and other vegetation. The pueblo is generally clean, with locals and volunteer groups helping keep the beaches and the town area pleasant. The locals here are gracious and hospitable, eager to welcome travelers with a smile and a handshake.   We appreciate the guys at for posting an edited version I had written for publication in December 2010.

In this land of lefts, you can find plenty of rights here as well. Although the best, most common swells are from the SW-SSW, El Transito also accepts the occasional West-WNW swells too during the Nicaraguan summer (as long as it’s under 290 degrees). Best periods are anything 16 seconds or under, with 13 to 14 second periods being the sweetest. Over 16 seconds, it tends to shut down as the beach is fairly small. With a nice spread out lineup, it would take more than 15+ surfers for it to even begin to become crowded. However, there are rarely more than 5 in the lineup year round…

Then on the night of November 02, 2011, the staged robbery – here is photo of the group on the first day.

Some of the group, I believe, did not know of the staged effort. Maybe they all did. The 2 girls that left early with Steve Kelly (who asked me to find him marijuana within 3 minutes of arriving at GSN, crying to me about his aches and pains) told me as they were leaving ‘this isn’t your fault’. They showed in their eyes…sympathy…as they left. I believe that there were at least 4 in the group of 9 that were in on the fraud. #1 – most definitely the leader, the tattooed boy on the far right bottom – Jim Filmont – insurance salesman / manager / vice-president of international insurance fraud of Jacksonville, FL. #2. Chris Bartels – bottom left. Chris Bartels is the one that erased the internet history from my laptop. I let him borrow it after his possessions were ‘robbed’. Before he erased the history I had noticed being accessed. I also remember seeing a webpage for a ‘private investigator’. I invited Chris into my room the morning after the incident to use my computer and he began snooping around my room like he was looking for something, moving things around, etc. He is the one who very curiously brought almost $9,000 worth of electronics. What a fucking pair of pricks. #3. Young ginger peckerwood Chris (don’t know his last name) – he was one who was supposedly bound up with duct tape, but couldn’t produce any evidence whatsoever. Phil Collins – middle left – who sent the ‘douchefuck’ email to me seen below. I actually think he may not have known about the whole thing. He seemed genuinely upset, but I think those ‘in the know’ knew that the ‘robbers’ may tie up Phil, scare him and take his things, but would not hurt him in any physical way. Jim Filmont was soothing and calming Phil just the next day assuring him ”don’t worry Phil, when we get back home, you just sign the papers that I’ll prepare for you and you’ll get your check and everything will be okay”. #4. – John Detring – not shown in the photo. Him and his friend arrived, paid for 2 nights only, refusing to pre-pay their reserved 4 nights. I am convinced to this day that they only wanted to pay me the 2 nights because if the staged robbery went as planned, they would be leaving on the 3rd day, which is exactly what happened. Detring was the main force behind the internet smear campaign that would follow soon after. #5 – yes, John Denver, haha, Detring’s friend who was part of the ‘review team’.

I should, in full disclosure, admit that on that night, I was high in my own room. The staff and I had served dinner and I made sure everyone was happy and said ‘good-night’. I went into my bedroom and began getting high, in anticipation of ‘letting go’ for a bit after a successful hard-day’s work and then going to sleep, wake up the next day and work again. About 2 hours into my session, Jim Filmont was nearly banging down my door, screaming…’Dave!!! If you don’t open the door I am going to break the fucking thing down!’ This is when all hell broke lose. While I was getting high, from about 7:30 PM to 10 PM, they pulled off the stunt right under my nose.

Several  days  later, after threatening to bring police to the rental car owner that serviced GreenSurf and Solid Surf, she produced a copy of the truck rental contract that Jose Adan Fuentes made for the same day of the staged robbery. Contract saved as digital file.

At the time, Solid Surf had no clients.  Within an hour after the ‘robbery’, me and 2 other locals went straight to the Solid Surf property to find nobody there. There were no vehicles and nobody answered the door from the street, nor the gate on the beach side. What was the reason for the rental on that day???

You can click on the above link and see when Jose Adan Fuentes used to be the driver for Solid Surf. He has been removed from their website as you can see here –  Jose was never a good driver – he was the driver responsible for destroying the first and only truck of GreenSurf, before we fired him. Before I left Nicaragua, I saw Jose Adan driving the big white Dodge that belongs to Solid Surf.

I am convinced to this day that Jim Filmont of Jacksonville, FL – a manager of an insurance sales office – helped Allison Kendro, Jonathan Ocanto and their new associate Aaron Helferty set up the staged robbery. Jim Filmont used his company to ‘insure’ the $10,000+ worth of equipment that was ‘stolen’. It is possible that Jim was the only one ‘in the know’ regarding this set-up, as he assured the others in the group that ‘all they had to do is sign the papers once back home and they would receive their check’.

Something very curious is the itemized list of electronics that Chris Bartels sent to me via email. If you look at a copy of his list seen in the link just below, NONE of the items are listed as having an original receipt. Who buys electronics worth hundreds/thousands of dollars and does not have the receipt, especially for the dates being so recent? –

But I don’t think that, in fact, he was the only one in on it. Why? The energy and attitudes of the ones who remained and did not leave early. Before Jim’s arrival with his group, he had contact with Allison Kendro via Facebook and had brought surfboards to ‘donate’ to Solid Surf.

There used to be a convincing photo on the Facebook page of Solid Surf of the donated boards with a comment from Jim Filmont, but the page has been erased and the web-archive does not have it either. Maybe a guru could pull it up –

WHY would he come stay at GreenSurf and, at the same time, donate surfboards to Solid Surf?Also, after the ‘robbery’, he spent a curious amount of time there. Below are copies of subsequent emails after the alleged robbery:

Curious…What this…?….
29 messages


Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 7:04 PM

To: GreenSurf Nicaragua  <>

 If your Surfing Nicaragua be careful where you stay. Bandits about.

There’s a guy named Dave that runs a surf camp in El Transito called Green Surf. Hes clearly a total sketchball that is clearly wrapped in some illegal activity of some sort that has gotten someone attention. I have no idea what he did, but his actions had a terrible consequence to all of us surfers that were just visiting there. A group of masked and gloved Nicaraguans armed with a double barrel shotgun, machetes and a knife robbed a number of the people in our group. That was after duck taping their hands and mouths. And as if    that wasn’t terrible enough, Dave was nowhere to be seen. Didn’t get the cops out there for almost 24 hours, didn’t get us rides back to Managua and in general wasn’t around to try to help us out. We actually had to get a ride into Managua with another surf camp owner in El Transito. A total scumbag. Not to mention all the activities on his website are a lie. He has none of that stuff available.

I just wanted warn other surfers that they should not stay at Green Surf Nicaragua in El Transito, but should stay at the other surf camp…unless    they want to get robbed at gun point that is.

GreenSurf Nicaragua <>

Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 9:13 PM

To: D Lee  <>

jeez man where did you see this. someone is trying something, for sure. I was here when it happened.  The thing below is not true, that’s really all I can say.  Jose – from the other camp – just ‘happened to show up’ while I was coordinating a ride for those who wanted to leave.  A ride was on the way down from Leon and I asked them, would you like to accept Jose’s offer for a ride right now? … or wait for my friend to arrive from Leon…they had all kinds of options to get back to Managua.  Most of the police were working the elections and they came as fast as we could get them    there.  There are multiple people being questioned and the police must do their jobs and from what I understand, they are doing it.  There is tight security right now 24 / 7 and

As far as who wrote this…there’s nothing I can really do about it now other than get down to the bottom of everything.  Just like the vandalism of the website, someone has it in for me.  I’m just trying to run a surf camp and find the people responsible for the robbery.  My hands are pretty full.  This is terrible what is happening though….for sure.

D Lee>

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 5:41 AM

To: GreenSurf Nicaragua  <>

Yea, I had told my buddy whom was going to Surf Sanctuary, or Surfari Charters, that he needed to go to Green Surf instead. He apparently was doing some research and came across that message on SwellInfo. Here’s the thread. This kind of thing will hurt the biz for sure. Hopefully you can have it removed.

Here’s the thread:

This is something else you want to consider a priority to drum business. Your site has to look and feel professional.

“I wouldn’t go based on the website alone… it    looks like a high schooler put it together as a tec. ed project”

GreenSurf Nicaragua <>

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 10:08 PM


Well, it was obviously one of the four clients that left on Saturday.

Interestingly enough, because my wifi has been down, the clients here have been using my computer a lot.  I have seen on my history.  No other client has ever logged into on my laptop before.  I surely don’t, ever.

Then the next day I noticed the ENTIRE drop – down list, my favorites and the recent history…were all deleted.

When I asked what was up with my laptop, why are things changed…the guy, Chris, in the group that just now left and is headed to the airport. Chris said that he purposely deleted all of my history because of ‘all that went on in the computer this week’.

Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.  I don’t know man, I understand that one of the top suspects has been officially questioned by Nagarote police, IN Nagarote, the police station itself.  So they are 1 by 1 interrogating people and we are going to get to the bottom of this thing.  I truly hope the thieves are caught, the sooner the better.  Nothing would make me happier, but I REALLY would love to know why I was targeted and by whom.  I’m just trying to run a surf camp here, this shit does not happen here and eventually we will see. Thanks a lot for alerting me to this.

On a positive note, considering the circumstances.  Jim Filmont, Mike, Chris and the girls are in at least OK spirits.  In speaking with friends about the incident as a whole….some Nicas actually commented how it was AMAZING that the police would even show up within 24 hours.  If it was joe bloe Nica half-way up the pueblo, the police would have took days.  It HAPPENED that the election was on Sunday and so all weekend the police were setting up for the vote to be held Sunday.

So the people who know….are impressed by the police response.  The good news is that Nicaragua is a small country and it’s actually pretty hard to get away with something like this.  The police are trained to deal with hoodlums like these, just like in the states, so I have been advised to just let the police do their job.  Trust me, my brain has been going nonstop with different scenerios, specific questions of what I would ask and to whom.

As far as security here, within 2 nights the Nagarote police had volunteered to have extra eyes on our property and after the 3rd night I was able to find an armed nightwatchman in whom I trust.  That was important to me.  I’ve NEVER needed a fucking night watchman until this BS…so it’s not like I had one on stand-by.  So I did what I    always do – ask someone that I trust, a good person…who to refer me to.  After a few days and meeting this guy, Miguel…who has all of his papers up to date for weapons permit, etc…totally legit…so I hired him.

So to suggest as hard as he did that I just don’t help them out at all is a bit ludicrous.  In the first 2 hours of aftermath, Friday night… I did sit around quite a bit with my head between my knees, because that is my ‘thinking’ position.  Man, I have never been robbed before like that and to have PRICELESS clients having the time of their life at 8 pm or so, when I hit the sack and then rudely awakened by all HELL braking lose…..yeah…I did a lot of thoughts swarming my head.  ‘who it might be, Transito kids or MGA…they are only here 2 days?  how the hell could they know so well? Tons of other things you try and piece    together, to find a suspect or even answers.  It makes me curious why one particular individual from the group of 9, Phil Collins, was targeted for a conversation with my now ex-tour guide, Jonathan.  My client Phil, told me on Saturday morning, that he had , quote ‘spoken to Jon on the beach and offered me a ride to the airport, if I needed and also to send word to Dave that we had nothing to do with this’.  I have had absolutely ZERO communication with him since I told him to leave the property here about 8 weeks ago, plus or minus.  Why he would send me that message and offer these guys a ride…I don’t know.

Under normal circumstances….there was no need to have a truck parked here 24 / 7.  Waves were small, nobody was going anywhere soon.  For the 4 who wanted to leave, I had a ride on the way, who was going to arrive in the early afternoon.  They would have had a ride within 2 hours of their REQUEST for a ride, it was on the way, BUT THEN Jose Adan, the driver of Jon showed up, out of the blew like superman and offered them a ride.  Of course, I had nothing AGAINST the ride….they wanted to get the fuck out of there….so I said if it was OK with everyone involved,    please…thanks for the ride, Jose!  He didn’t EVEN ask me for diesel money, hmmmm.

I shouldn’t even be talking this much about it, David…but someone putting up a message post like this …  I can completely understand being upset, but the incident was tended to in a professional manner. I am confident that I did everything that I could, I first called locals and then after about 24 hours, i then called some more prominent people in Nicaragua, who know how to make the police here move faster and they do realize that this is HORRIBLE not just for little dave and gsn, but El Transito as a community and even Nicaragua as a country.

So I’m chasing the truth as much as I can and in the meantime, trying to make a fun surf trip for a few guys who just arrived….

[Quoted text hidden]

GreenSurf Nicaragua <>

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 10:43 PM

To: DLee

just the fact that was accessed by MY laptop.  Why are floridians looking at swell info in    Nicaragua?  Why did he erase the history on the internet bar the day later, to delete the appearance of, in the history.  Why are these people hanging out at Jon’s place?  Jons GF is from Jersey.  Swellinfo is from, u guessed it.  This is fucked up in so many ways.

[Quoted text hidden]

GreenSurf Nicaragua <>

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 10:49 PM

To: DLee

and the shameless plug of ‘the other surf camp’…..!!??

[Quoted text hidden]

GreenSurf Nicaragua <>

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 10:51 PM

To: David Lee <>

Well we all know who one girl is….who made the website look the way it did.  Why is SHE so pissed at me?  Women can be vicious!

On Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 5:41 AM, DLee

GreenSurf Nicaragua <>

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 11:54 PM

To: DLee

Hey David….do you know if it is it possible to put in some kind of formal request for the identities of EVERY   SINGLE PERSON who is involved in that particular hate message?  First of all the lies trigger me and then the plug for the other camp and other shit too, just the fucking comment about the website.  Obviously it looks   horrible….luckily, you know as well as I do, Lauren is working on it.  Big delay with the hurricane, with her living in Montauk, NY or nearby.  So I would def like to know truly, who each one of those people are….especially the one that suggests ME as one of the bandits.  I wonder if THAT person who wrote that comment about me, has the BALLS to say that to me face to face?

Anyway, I believe the US embassy is going to be getting involved and then hopefully the truth will be found.


Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 6:22 AM

To: GreenSurf Nicaragua  <>

Do you feel like it might behoove you to reply/post a comment on that SwellInfo thread? A cleanly word-smithed    notation advising how bummed you are that this took place, and how much this camp means to you, and that you are doing everything possible to get to the bottom of this, and not allow it to happen again. Oh, and that your site is currently under construction and being professionally recomposed. I would keep this very clean and make certain to start and end with a POSITIVE note.

ps. You can view the profile of each of the members that posted comments within the thread, and see there friends,   and get a decent idea of who/what/where/when.

GreenSurf Nicaragua <>

Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 12:09 AM

To: DLee

sorry for the slow reply, dave.  I’ve been dealing  with this whole thing as best i can and then trying to keep clients happy too.  it’s been a bit rough on me, this whole thing.  i want to say to you that i appreciate the help.  I have to be thankful that Tom S. even referred you over a while back, you saw how terrible the website was and now you know the story of how it came to be like this.  So it just feels good when good people help each other out.

honestly, I do not know if i should even reply to it.  I have read some of the comments and after first feeling hatred, that feeling quickly went away, because it’s actually a bit comical, some of the shit that people like to write.  People are a bit loose with words on message boards because they have a ‘hidden sense’.  And on that note, YES man, I would absolutely LOVE to know EXACTLY WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE that wrote every one of those messages.

Just the fact that the message poster plugged the other camp is just oozing with suspicion.  The fact that they made this comment on and that lying, scheming female, Allison – Jon’s girlfriend…is based out of NJ (who clearly vandalized the site) and I know must have some connections, at least with long time swellinfo users, possibly personal friends of hers.

The comments about how the website looks like a high school project.  I guess it would behoove me to actually maybe document, little by little…the whole incident with Allison and Jon.  It shows plenty of motive.

Anyway, I am getting off track.  I am always in detective mode lately.  Honestly, I am getting advise from my biz partner, Frank…on how to handle sensitive public matters like this.

I have felt like just following my instincts has been okay so far.  Deep down I know that shit is all lies and eventually the truth will come out and then everything will be fine.  I guess I feel like I don’t need to go on any defensive.  What I need to do is just keep bugging the police to see if there are new developments.  Catching the thieves will bring everything to light and THEN this message board post will make the posters look rather ridiculous.  I really believe this.

Thanks for the help David.  I guess eventually I would have learned    about the post, but I am grateful that you brought it to my attention so quickly.  Sincere thanks.

Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 7:01 AM

To: GreenSurf Nicaragua  <>

I am sorry you are having to deal with all this. I am a firm believer that what goeth, cometh. Keep making good    decisions, and doing your best to take care of the people around you, and all will fall into place properly for you.

I dont know how the policia are in Nic, but, feel like you need to keep leaning on them, the squeaky wheel thang.   Maybe even try to go to the level above, through the dept of tourism, I know they understand how this kind of thing will spread like a gnarly virus and dissipate travel interests to the entire country.

Postive mojo’s to you, and many deep spiritual breaths :}

GreenSurf Nicaragua <>

Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 10:26 AM


I believe in karma as well.  This is why I can sleep at night and considering everything, I am at peace.

You definitely have the right idea about the police.  Although I do believe that they are doing their job, they can be a bit slow if nobody is pressuring them.  They are receiving pressure – phone calls from me and others from El Transito.  I have a friend in Leon making phone calls and also friends in Managua.  Higher ups.

I have the number of a particular organization that is owned or ran by President Ortega’s son.  It is just what you mention.  The organization basically helps foreign established businesses with various matters.  I got the number on Friday afternoon and they were closed for the weekend.  So first thing Monday, I will call and I was advise to tell them EVERYTHING that I know, from the conception of GSN.  Which is fine although I am tired of telling the story.

Thanks for the moral support, really.  And I have WONDERFUL support from the people of Transito.  The upstanding people of Transito, whom I have EXCELLENT relations with, have been helping spread the word of what they saw and what really happened…even back to Thursday mid day, then Friday night of the incident and other things Saturday, Sunday, Monday……because THAT night….my driver, his son and cousin – Danilo, Neyman and Eddie…know the truth and are good people.

So it has been great that any BS stories that may be an attempt to spread lies about me in Transito, they quickly get stomped out and even replaced with the TRUTH.  My staff and my friends are all WELL respected people in Transito.  And I thank them for help in all of this.

I’ll be in touch, thanks again….saludos


Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 1:57 PM

To: GreenSurf Nicaragua <>

Hoping bunches of positive energy will roll your way!!!

GreenSurf Nicaragua <>

Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 6:46 AM

To: DLee

Hey David!!!!  Man…………just a simple THANKS for alerting me to the message board post and sending the good vibes and energy.  I have slept no more than 5 hours / night, for the past 2 weeks, dealing with everything.  Some nights with only 3 hours of sleep and then running tours, managing the place, trying to answer emails, etc, etc, etc.  EXHAUSTED.

I know who posted the message on and ALL of the folks who were involved with the post are being   investigated.  Also, it is very important to indicate now that this was an alleged robbery.  The US embassy is getting involved and apparently there is a reason to look into international insurance fraud?  I don’t know but the police say they are getting to the bottom of it.  I am going this morning to submit my laptop as evidence.  We will see who, what time…all of this shit…why swellinfo was accessed from my laptop.

Thank you for everything.

Were you able to send some gifts down?  We have a DEC 1 deadline for the toys….takes a while to get to Managua from Miami…we need to have plenty of time to get it all to Transito!  David, when you are ready to come down here, you let me know.  You have helped me more than you know and I will return the favor 10 fold, If I possibly can.

Saludos, Dave – Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 8:50 AM

The above emails were written when I still had trust in the local police force. I later learned that much of the Nicaraguan police force is controlled absolutely by the drug cartel. Actually, many police and military officials are part of their own ‘cartel’. There is competition between these different organizations. For example, some drug-runner can be busted by the police, then the drugs will be confiscated and re-sold and and any money is confiscated and split between officials. Some may go into ‘evidence’. When I bought my cocaine to get high, I bought it from a dealer associated with the police in Leon. Much of the marijuana is controlled in the same manner. There is no ‘war on drugs’. The only war that exists is for control of the drugs and this is why so many people are hurt or killed, and it should not be that way. Take for example, the former 2nd in command of the ‘policia nacional’ Carlos Palacio. He left Nicaragua recently and took his ‘winnings’ to Costa Rica and now lives there. The ‘illegal’ status leaves too much room for corruption of ‘authority’. It’s not just an opinion, it is a legitimate fact. Much of the current authority in power due to current drug distribution and the sale and abuse of the drug, whether it be marijuana, cocaine, heroine, etc.

Within days after the staged robbery – a series of attacks against GreenSurf Nicaragua and me, personally.

Emails like this to me – ”hey douchefuck…” and more aggressive reviews on TripAdvisor attempting to discount GreenSurf and me, personally.

All the while, Allison Kendro, supposedly with no money, was growing her new surf camp – Solid Surf Tours, later changed to Solid Surf Adventures.

I would slowly find who was funding Allison Kendro within the next few years. But I still was battling my own addictions and losing that one too.

Around Easter time 2013 – I was set up with the help of local police and thrown in jail for marijuana possession. I was arrested on a Friday afternoon, spent the weekend in a holding cell and on the following Monday afternoon, I was set free. The incident happened in front of a group of 9 clients and I was carried through the pueblo of El Transito on the back of a motorcycle, hand-cuffed.

In October 2013 – a client by the name of Daniel Ekdahl returned to GreenSurf for the 2nd time. During his stay, I was curious of the time he spent at a nearby bar / restaurant named Poza de Perla. This property was previously owned by a Canadian ex-pat who seemed to be one of the nicest person’s I had ever met. I had met him briefly a few times before and even recommended my own clients to eat / drink at his place. He, at the time, was engaged to a Canadian girl he had brought with him to Nicaragua, named Lindsay. The first time I visited Aaron at Poza de Perla was in early 2013 as I brought him my first client referrals for him. When I began talking about the theft of Jonathan and Allison he calmly hushed my conversation explaining that ‘we keep the vibes only positive here’.  I agreed and changed my conversation. In the subsequent months, I sent more of my clients there. This is when I first saw him wearing a ‘Solid Surf’ t-shirt. I didn’t think much of it until October when Daniel Ekdahl caused an incident.

Mr. Ekdahl, even though reserved at GreenSurf, spent more than 70% of his vacation mingling / associating with Aaron Helferty and the owners of Solid Surf, Allison and Jonathan. He even spent some nights at Helferty’s place. When his last day arrived and I presented him the bill, he made a fuss about the amount, not wanting to pay the night he spent with Helferty nor the charge for air-conditioning. It was only a dispute of about $60 but he was very adamant and refused to pay. So I headed to Leon and filed a complaint. On my way back to El Transito, I stopped in at the Nagarote police department to bring with me 2 officers to help present the official complaint and help collect. WHILE STILL IN NAGAROTE AARON HELFERTY CALLED ME FROM HIS CELL PHONE SCREAMING AT ME THAT IF I COME TO HIS HOME WITH THE POLICE, HE WOULD BEAT ME AND HAVE ME DEPORTED.

This is when I started figuring out who, in fact, owned the local corrupt police department of Nagarote, which controls El Transito – Aaron Helferty. The police chief had alerted Aaron Helferty that I was on the way to El Transito with two officers in order to collect from Daniel Ekdahl. I told the officers earlier that he had spent most of the week at Poza de Perla with Aaron. Aaron was furious with me when I wrote on Facebook that Dan and his friend had bought a large sum of marijuana there on the property.

Now I knew who was funding Allison and Jonathan at Solid Surf. Now it all made sense. The new truck, the remodeled facilities, etc. But I still wouldn’t realize until later just how connected Aaron Helferty is until a couple of years later.