Saturday, March 29 Surf Update

So last week my very good buddy Travis landed in Managua (far right).  I haven’t seen him in a long time and so it was awesome having us 4 together for the week.DSC08249We got into some surfing…there is Keenan below.  Too bad I don’t have any pics of you surfing, Travis.  Next time for sure, bro.DSC08266Keenan and Krod with an acceptable selfieDSC08270Some serious massage time going down…DSC08285while Krod is relaxing in the little poolDSC082942 nights of lobster feasts and lots of other good food…DSC08295what were we talking about???IMG_3451Keenan alone outbackIMG_3487outback IMG_3488 IMG_3494and a beautiful sunsetIMG_3559miss you buddy!IMG_3577until next time….IMG_3622Surfing photos and more updates to come, thanks for looking!

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