March 29, 2016 – I am happy to inform that our friends have helped to raise $1,000 towards this book project that we began and posted on March 04, 2016 – only 25 days ago. We are currently working on getting a partial shipment of books ready…so the kids will, at least, have something to work out of. It will also relieve the burden of the teacher. Thanks to those who already gave and to those who are going to give. We all appreciate whatever support available.

So here is Project B.  About 2 weeks ago, I began visiting the local school almost every morning because I was helping to walk our girls there.  I had never really been inside to see how the school functions and so I was a bit surprised to find out that the entire grade 3 class of nearly 50 students do not have any of their books.  This is a public school, so I just assumed that the books were to be supplied to the children.  But that is not the case at all.  I spoke to the teacher and she expressed to me that her class room has not had books for at least the past few years.  I was a bit confused and curious of the reason WHY the kids do not have their books.  After hearing some troubling answers to certain questions that I asked the teachers, I have decided to put this project online.  There seems to be an obvious need for some active community support here in Middle Paradise.  So GreenSurf wants to step up and play some ball.  We are looking for teammates.  I want to reach out to all of our clients and friends that have been here and have become familiar with this beautiful little pacific town and ask for your help.  The children here are very bright and they deserve more than they are receiving.  If you would like to help,  you can contact me at or Jeanethe at  You can also send a donation directly to the GreenSurf Nicaragua Paypal account.  The ID or email is ´´ In the ´write a note´field, just indicate that your payment is for ´´Project B´´.  The money will be deposited into the bank account of Frank Amador and then dispersed in a responsible manner, with transparency, so you can see and feel good about the use of your donation.

We have priced the childrens´ books at C$270 per book.

Mathematicas, lengua y literature, estudios sociales, ciencias naturales, convivencia y civismo, expresion cultural y artistica

So 6 subjects.  There are nearly 50 students.  We counted 46 and I have a list of all of the names of the children. If you would like for me to send the names of the kids, I will be happy to do that.
The teachers are also asking if we could find a a couple volleyballs and soccer balls.
So we are looking at about $2,900.  Probably better to make the goal a flat $3,000.  Thanks in advance to those who are able to help and ANY amount helps.