Special thanks to those who helped complete Project 1. We are only just beginning…May 30, 2014




So the new school year has started (I guess a little over 2 weeks ago) and the kids need supplies!  So here’s the deal.  For about $25 per child, we can get them the basics – a new backpack, notebooks, pencils, etc.   Maria Victoria is the older sister of these 2 shown below and is our chef, having assisted GSN off and on for a couple years now.  Maria is the Nicaraguan lady on the left with the hat on back on the GreenLove main-intro page.  She is a great cook, a kind and PATIENT woman and she does a ton of work helping to organize the lunches / pinata bashes we have here for the kids. One of the guys in a recent group from the Santa Barbara, CA area donated $80 for the purchase of 2 bicycles (thanks again) to give to Maria’s little sisters.  Her 2 younger (nearly twin) sisters of 13 years of age are here – Deyling and Carolina. DSC_0127

They are helping us plant veggies and herbs in their spare time and they do small art projects around the property to help it look prettier.  So the best option I have found on 2 new bicycles is $C1,700 each or $68 each or about $140 for both.  I am now $60 deficient of being able to help provide these girls with some new wheels to ride to school.   So my goal for Deyling (left) and Carolina (right) is $110 and I am asking someone to help us all out.  This will complete what I need to get the bicycles and I can fill 2 backpacks with some new school supplies.  If you are willing to donate, all or some, go ahead and send it to our Paypal account. Once I get the donation, I will update this page with the actions and the results, including receipts and photos of the newly equipped sisters.  We will remain fully accountable with all charitable donations.  For example, the moment that we complete this project, I will update the status online, probably with a story and some photos.  I’ve known all of these girls (and their family) for most of my time here and so I am comfortable writing about them.DSC_0117

Maria Victoria also has a daughter of 3 years named Cherling (above and below) .  She needs a fully equipped backpack too for her first year of school. Maria told me that she LOVES going to school so I would LOVE to encourage her education by asking for $20 for her.  How can you resist this little nose-picker!!!???  If I had it, I would give it…but I don’t.  I think someone reading this does. So the goal here is $130 US.

DSC_0340Our ID is ‘greensurfnicaragua@gmail.com’   Thanks in advance 🙂