November 04, 2014 Surf Report

This morning the surf is a similar size range at waist to shoulder high with fair to good form.  The wind is light offshore and we had mostly sunny skies starting out with now a cloud mix in the afternoon.  Nobody really surfing outback today.  We decided to hit the main beach for the incoming tide and it was super playful.  Small but consistent and mutliple peaks working, lefts, rights.  Not really barrels in the main beach, but good for practicing tricks and turns. DSC09190 DSC09191 DSC09193 DSC09194 DSC09196 DSC09197 DSC09198 DSC09201 DSC09202DSC09210 DSC09212 DSC09214 DSC09216 DSC09217 DSC09219 DSC09221 DSC09222 DSC09227 DSC09228 DSC09229 DSC09230 DSC09231 DSC09232November is picture perfect so far with small but fun surf and the lineup is empty. I am happy to have Cesar Medina of SurfNica magazine hanging out since yesterday afternoon, experiencing the El Transito vibes. He has not surfed for 4 months and that is too long! Email / call for availability and thanks for looking.

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