North-Central Nicaragua

The north-central Nicaraguan coast offers several different types of surf breaks including points, reefs and sand-bottom beach breaks suitable for all skill levels.  With much of this surf-zone largely unsurfed and, sometimes, even still undiscovered, the crowds are simply non-existent here.  It is quite possible that during certain times of the year, you could score multiple surf sessions with your group alone!

Try finding that in other more popular areas that the crowds from the south spill into.  And with our self-imposed limitations on group size and careful management, we intend to preserve this most precious feature, striving to ensure that the future will offer the same quality, uncrowded waves.  Also, because we are still located near the lake region (with the Papagayo effect blowing offshore NE breezes 250+ days a year or more), more often than not, the conditions are ideal throughout most of the day.  There is no doubt you will have the noodle-arms and legs you are looking for from multiple-hour surf sessions with your friends!