Monday March 3, 2014 Surf Report

So the surf started increasing yesterday with some legit head high sets arriving, however still quite some time between sets.  This morning at 7:30 I am looking outback and seeing more consistent chest to head high surf with occasional larger sets.  Form is mostly fair outback with the outgoing mid-tide and a light offshore breeze starting to pick up.  Skies are intense blue and it’s gonna be a hot one.  No seabreeze yesterday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is one today.  After the tide starts coming in, I bet there are gonna be some fun peaks.  The main beach usually doesn’t do so well with a draining tide.  Hopefully the wind doesn’t blow too strong offshore, it has been a little blustery lately and it makes the water a bit chilly.  Bring a 1mm top.  I will try and get more pics later….thanks for looking!  Check out our surf adventures 🙂

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