Monday, March 17 Surf Report

The past couple days the surf has been dropping, but the size has been fun at a consistent waist to chest high with occasional bigger sets. Over the weekend, we had medium offshore breezes.


I think there was a bit of seabreeze one day, but mostly offshores and all peaks in Transito working at certain times. For this morning, it seems that some background swell is working for us because there are some good rights.DSC07807

 I even saw a lineup of about 5 or so down at The Corner surfing, while I was taking my morning walk. Mellow waves in the main beach with some fun ones if you have a nice little fish, fun / longboard.  

DSC07788Outback at Pistols there were some beautiful rights coming right off the rocks and nobody out.  


I got a few before the wind turned onshore at about 11.  Absolutely perfect morning in El Transito, Middle Pacific Nicaragua. Inquire at for the tastiest organic surf adventures!  We are trying out some new ideas this year with the SCLAT and we need test dummies :).  4th person in a group gets 1/2 off if you book before the end of April…thanks for looking!

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