Monday, March 10 Surf Report

Yesterday the wave size began to drop off a bit, but it was still super fun in the chest to head high range. The occasional larger peak was still coming through and there were some beauties.  It was just the 4 of us surfing.  Special thanks to Tibor (feature photo) and Karen, from Belgium, stopping by and hanging out with us for a nice while.  I hope you arrived at your spot in Guatemala safe and are enjoying it!



It looks like we will be looking at similar waist to head high energy for the next week and a similar wind pattern with it being calm early, giving way to light to medium offshores, then a seabreeze…..and then, like last night…either a calm wind or light offshore for sunset.  Absolutely perfect in my eyes.  I will be getting some more still photos up soon to go along with the text report.  Thanks for looking!


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