La Flor de Cana

Once or twice a month or more, we like to take a ride just about 25 minutes outside of Leon to spend some time relaxing at our good friend’s sugar cane farm.  This farm that provides cane directly to the distilleries of Flor de Cana has been in the family of Raul Baldizon for several generations and they currently possess one of the top-producing seeds in the country.  The farm is one of the only naturally irrigated ones in the area, being spring-fed from a stream originating just a couple kilometers away.   The dam system primarily serves to control the level of water for the cane, but it doubles nicely as a refreshing and natural water-massage alternative.  Raul possesses one of the top producing cane seeds in the country and is a direct provider to Flor de Cana for distillation of rum.  Keenan, Julia and I spent a few hours here just chilling down after some surf lessons in El Transito.  More pics will be posted on FaceBook.



The man washing in the pond is a friend of ours from Leon as well.  His name is Mario.  Mario is not your typical street beggar. Mario’s brain was greatly and adversely affected by hallucinogenics.  During the revolution here, many soldiers were forced to to consume hallucinogens to encourage them to fight.  I believe that the flower is called Floripon, a naturally growing flower in Central America, from which a tea is made that is quite dangerous.  Mario is not homeless, however, he roams the downtown streets of Leon in search of donated drinks and food.  He does not take drugs or alcohol.  He has the voice of an angel and should be singing opera somewhere in front of thousands of people.  But thanks, once again, to those who encourage war….another talent unused.  I cannot say wasted because Mario has been the avenue for many personal blessings.  Sometimes, in Leon, he interrupts services abruptly and begins to sing….and the priest and the congregation just stop and listen.  He is a special man and so he accompanied us to the farm just a few days ago for his monthly shower.  He always has a huge smile and a blessing to send and so we enjoyed his company this day.



For those of you who are staying in Leon, this is a GREAT way to recuperate after you are sunburned, noodle-armed and/or hungover and are in search for new energy.   Stand under the waterfall as long as you wish.  It is absolutely the best water massage I have ever experienced.   Raul, the property owner, can provide you with horseback riding and an insight into the history of Leon that is unequaled by other ‘tour companies’.   We will have an evolving list of ‘non-surf tours / adventures’ that we will be offering for 2014.  Look for it soon and as always….we are the original and best surf tours / accommodations in El Transito….and quite possibly, the best in the region.  We are working on becoming the best in the universe, thanks to great feedback from our clients, friends and family!  Saludos from Middle Transito, Middle Nicaragua, Middle Paradise1693


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