Kids Party 27 December, 2014

Just a day after our special Christmas celebrations we were proudly hosting an event for the local community of El Transito. Many families came to GreenSurf – at this gathering for young and old we had about 100 guests from our lovely village.

Our kitchen ladies Ada and Maribi were busy the whole day with making some delicious dishes for everyone and thanks to one of our guests, Danni we were able to serve a tasty rice pudding at the end of the night.

During the afternoon kids got to play a lot of games as throwing waterballoons, limbo, football, musical chairs and a dance contest. The absolute highlight of the evening was the Pińata party where kids went crazy for candies while hitting the paper puppets.

It was amazing to see so many happy children and smiling faces. At GreenSurf we think that it’s important to share what we have and give back something to the locals.

We say big thanks to our guests who contributed with their support at this event. We hope to see You at our next community party.IMG_8915 IMG_8925 IMG_8946 IMG_8952 IMG_8960 IMG_9002 IMG_9008 IMG_9027 IMG_9037 IMG_9069 IMG_9082

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