Don’t let the name fool you.  KPs is a series of peaks that break over lava rock reef.  The location (just 10 minutes walk from GreenSurf) is quite secluded and the beach is absolutely gorgeous.  This spot is quite frequently a favorite of our clients.  The mid to high tide break holds swell from chest high to 2 or 3 feet overhead and can deliver a lengthy left that is excellent for longboarders and SUPers.  The low tide break over on the other end of the beach we just call ‘the reef’ and sometimes referred to as ‘Indicators’ by an old-timer or 2 can be super fun on a medium period swell at waist high to just overhead.  Both lineups are a bit spread out and can easily handle 10 surfers as there is some space to move around and a few different take-off zones. But usually it is just the friends of GSN surfing here as it is still a little known spot. This coastal region is oozing with nameless, hidden gems, as well, that only shine on certain moons. On a 16 second period SSW swell at head high to 2 or 4 feet overhead….KP’s can get really good, especially for the water artists.  Under head high – suitable for all levels (KiddiePools) .  Head high and larger – intermediate to advanced surfers only (KPs).