GSN History

After extensive world-wide traveling and several years in the Real Estate business, Dave had been looking outside of Florida for a place to call home.  After many trips to Costa Rica he had been thinking about purchasing some land near the Costa Rica / Panamanian border near a famous surf spot called Pavones.  Then just before 2008, Dave was sent to a particular gentleman’s home located in Fernandina Beach, FL, to appraise his property.  This Nicaraguan gentleman immediately caught the attention of Dave.  Frank and Dave immediately became friends and began spending time together.  Dave was invited to Nicaragua to be a guest of Frank’s family and friends and then was born the idea.  “I had heard many great things about Nicaragua in speaking with friends of mine who lived in Costa Rica”, says Dave.  “I heard that there were a lot of great surf spots, the wind is almost always offshore and there is still virgin coastline to explore”, Dave continues.  But Dave had also had in the back of his mind the stories that he had heard about Nicaragua while growing up as a young boy in the 1980s.  These were stories of wars, revolutions, drug-related gun violence, corruption of government and other things most people typically want to avoid.  “I remember how Oliver North was on military trial taking a lot of heat from the U.S. government”, Dave reflects. After living in Nicaragua for nearly 4 years, Dave believes that he is only beginning to see and understand why there has been so much fighting in Nicaragua.  But in his mind, it can be boiled down to one basic thought.  Nicaragua is a concentrated land of paradise.  Upon his first trip to Nicaragua in March of 2009, Dave found a new motivation.

On September 09, 2009, with just a few Spanish words in his vocabulary, Dave landed in Managua with a coffin board bag consisting of two Al Merrick surfboards, his little Jack Russell Terrier named Roxy…and a dream.  After spending some time in Managua creating a basic website with the great help of friends from Altanta, Dave and Roxy headed out to the beach for some coastal exploration.  Dave and Roxy first based their exploration out of a small beach just southwest of Leon called Salinas Grandes.  For the next few months Dave explored toward the south until he reached a small private beach called Playa Hermosa.  Through a series of contacts originating from his partner back in the states, Dave was able to rent a small house in Playa Hermosa and start offering simple surf tours of the North-Central pacific region.  Dave found himself traveling further south to El Transito quite frequently because of the consistency and quality of the surf there during late 2009.  Then Dave invited an acquaintance he had briefly met in Florida to come assist as a tour guide.  The tour guide arrived in December 2009 and that is when things started to happen.  As the GreenSurf reputation began to grow, Dave decided to open a 2nd location in El Transito and offer simple lodging and food service.  For about 1 year Dave operated both locations until stumbling on the perfect property from which to offer all of his evolving services.  In August 2011, Dave consolidated all services into one beautiful location in the north ‘vacation’ section of El Transito, right in front of the wave that he is responsible for putting on the map – Pistols.  “I have to credit my very good friend, Matt Rome, for naming the wave.  It’s the perfect name because almost every day at Pistols there are barrels pointing at each other.”

Ironically, Dave points out, “Almost every single day is an adventure here in Nicaragua and I most definitely can see myself continuing to explore this paradise for the rest of my life.”  The adventures seem to drop into his lap and Dave seems to receive the greatest pleasure out of sharing his discoveries with new travelers.  “The history of GreenSurf Nicaragua is already quite interesting, full of great adventure with its ups and downs, but I truly believe that the adventure has only just begun and I appreciate those who have supported GreenSurf in the past and all who will in the future.  Everyone who comes here is going to go home with a story to tell, that is for sure.”