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Back in 2011, I decided to open a 2nd location in El Transito to help accommodate a wider variety of travelers and/or non-surfers. So we opened the first (successful) surf camp / hostel in El Transito. There had been a feeble attempt of some ´´eco-hotel´´ prior to GSN, but the motives of the owners were much different, so it was destined to fail as a travel destination for tourists. My passion was the surf, so GSN worked – it is as simple as that. Then just a few years later, as I imagined would happen, others followed. I always thought that El Transito, with easier access from the capital city of Managua, was the better beach to make more publicity, regarding the surf. El Transito was always ready for the beating it is about to receive from the onslaught of business interests that are here now. I, personally, never wanted to open up a surf camp directly in front of an epic wave, because of exactly what has happened in El Transito, after making world-wide publicity, regarding the surf here. The 2 most significant competitors are former ´´customers´´ of GreenSurf, that had supposedly come on holiday, but then later re-appeared as business persons – coming in hot, with a basic lack of respect and original ideas. So, the spirit of competition and business here in this, once, sleepy little fishing village, has gotten out of hand, in my professional and semi-humble opinion. There are more and more travelers filling the lineup here and it will only become more crowded in the future. This is not what GSN and our clients want. I only surfed in one contest when I was young and I found it absolutely disheartening. I have a bit of a competitive nature, but I prefer to play on a level field. After living in El Transito for nearly 5 years, I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about the competing business interests here and choose not to participate in games in which money and power is the ultimate prize. That is not why I came to Nicaragua. So, now there are at least 4 or 5 other options in El Transito and the onslaught of new businesses opening in El Transito has only just begun. The original idea was to find a location that was ´´off-the-beathen-path´´and El Transito fits this description a little bit less every day. The newer competition employ relentless marketing campaigns and work in methods that I will never use. So we are falling back on our roots and moving back close to our original location. Beginning on or about April 15, 2016, we will begin operating in a nearby location that is better suited to the desires of our preferred clientele. The beach is semi-private and is still, very much – ´´off-the-beaten-path´´. In the past, we have taken most of our clients there to surf – and this location, historically, has been the #1 pick of our preferred clients, for several reasons, not just the surf. It is simply a better location. So beginning in April, our clients can look forward to waking up to views of a more secluded and spectacularly beautiful beach that boasts more consistent surf breaks and with a less-busy lineup, than that exists in El Transito. The exclusive feeling that our clients experienced in the past will now return. Our new location is in an area that provides a series of more quality and consistent waves, at all tides, especially in the high wave season. Most of you surfers that have been to El Transito know that the shifty waves in the main beach of El Transito are, more or less, closed out during the high wave season, from late March / April to October. Our clients that still want to surf in El Transito will always have this option, however, our history is that our best clients actually prefer this location and do not want to take a drive every day to surf the better waves. So we are re-opening near our original location, but in a better property. The accommodations will improve drastically and we will have a greater capacity of service with the ability to sleep up to 16 persons. 

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