This is very simple.  GSN will be creating and posting small ‘projects’ in an effort to help the children and families that need it most. This is quite a general statement which makes me think of the multitude of souls that need relief.  So we will start out with small goals and focus on the residents of El Transito because of their huge support and the relationships that we have built in the past 4 years. We do not have an official organization and no fancy acronyms as I do not see any need for it at this moment.  GreenLOVE seemed appropriate.  This is about loving others, being green (simple) about it and nothing more.  I shy away from posting photos of the children because I never want to be thought of as exploiting any human soul for publicity.  So hopefully this will be read by the right person(s).  Since I do not have any professional media / marketing background, I am just having faith that this will work.  I think that most of you can see the true spirit here.  The desire is to give back to the people of Nicaragua. You probably won’t get a tax-break for helping, but I dare to say that a tax-break pales in comparison to the reward you will receive by helping. After I get the projects in El Transito posted, I will be adding new larger projects and evolving ideas based out of our favorite Colonial city, Leon and surrounding pueblos, working with sisters and fathers in the local churches, assisted living facilities, convents and medical centers and anywhere else help is needed.  A little bit at a time.   Look for consistent updates and additions here!

Project 1      Completed May, 2014

Project B     School Books!!!!