Friday morning dawn patrol – El Transito – November 7, 2014

The first photo is from last night before my sleep. I woke up at 2:30 AM and the moon was making its way down toward the horizon of the Pacific.  Quite possibly, we have just had 20+ hours of sufficient natural light for surfing outback.  The position of the moon and the small, crescent shaped cove that we call ‘Pistols’ is not only funneling the little swells and transforming them to fantastic waves for surfing, but the light is astonishing at 3 AM.  At 4:45 AM it was fully visible and easily surfable.  Some backpacking surfers surprised me as they strolled by early, like ghosts.  It has not rained for one week now, but we still have a misty dew every morning and the early morning colors are vivid.  The wind came around light onshore at around lunchtime, after lots of consistent waist / head high surf.DSC09414 DSC09439 DSC09447 DSC09449 DSC09456 DSC09457 DSC09458Thanks for checking out the report from the original surf and best surf camp and adventure guides in El Transito, Nicaragua.

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