Friday, March 7 2014 Surf Report

So the surf picked up a few days ago and we have seen wave size in the chest to overhead range.  Because of the fat tides early, the main beach has been just ´´so-so´´. Pistols has been fun at the right tide, but it turns off and on very fast. I saw Keenan drop into a legit left-hander yesterday outback. The lip was easily 2 Ft overhead and a perfect cylinder just behind him. The wind has been coming onshore between 10 and 11 AM and all but calm again for sunset. That being said, we are waking early and getting our fill of surf. It has been super glassy with only light offshores up until the light seabreeze (perfect for those of us who appreciate imperfection). Like I have said a thousand times before, El Transito is a great ´´in-between´´ swell surf destination. The Corner can handle this size, but the tides have been wrong for the morning session there. For the past 3 days, if a tour group would have been here, we would have been hitting some other nearby spots early. For the next week or so, the forecast for the surf is to level off in the waist to head high range – perfect for El Transito. Look for some local surf updates from Transito the following days…and thanks for looking! We wish you all a happy and safe weekend….

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