February 7, 2015 Surf Report

After the big expectations for the first proper swell of 2015 we finally got to see the waves in real life and not just on the forecast websites. Friday morning we woke up to the crashing sound of the ocean’s power and we’ve still been hearing similar intensity today. In the morning we went for a session at the El Transito point break and for the afternoon we decided to take a trip with our guests a bit further up north.

It was a good decision, everyone caught a lot of waves and was completely surfed out after the 3-4 sessions of Friday. Our GreenSurf pickup was fully loaded at the end of the day and we returned with 9 stoked surfers to our base camp. Here are the best shots of the day, we keep you posted about Saturday’s sessions as well.

IMG_8401 IMG_8375 IMG_8358 IMG_8348 IMG_8293 IMG_8285 IMG_8506 IMG_8490 IMG_8452 IMG_8440 IMG_8439 IMG_8429


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