February 24, 2014 – Surf Report

Small background stuff after the swell this past weekend.  Size is thigh to shoulder high with fair to good form.  All peaks have been working at one time or another during the day.   Pistols was super fun yesterday with some shoulder high barrels and I was surfing alone.  Over in the main beach, it has just been us, the locals and a drifter or 2.   Super chill in the lineup.  This morning early we woke up to a beautiful sun / cloud mix.  Those low-lying, small puffy clouds that help scatter the soft orange rays before the sun is even visible from the east.  Lighter offshore winds today made for a really fun morning session over in the main beach.  Lots of rights and lefts, depending on where you sit.   Looks like the current size will fade just a bit over today and tomorrow and then we start getting another bounce-back just in time for the weekend again.  3 weekends in a row now with fun surf and it looks like some more consistent swell is on the way to bring February to an end.  For those of you in Leon…..a bed in the economy suite is $8 up until the end of March!  There is room for 5 or more and we have lots of hammocks.  And do not forget that we have the most unique surf adventures in Middle Nicaragua.  Come get some fun surf without hassles and enjoy the organic wave energy that is steps away…

DSC_0093DSC_0096 (2)DSC_0118 (2)

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