The economy room is offset behind the oceanfront rooms and is equipped to sleep as many as 5 to 7 travelers, depending on how much you love to cuddle.  The bathroom is shared between guests and staff.  First come, first serve….or call / email so we can discuss if a reservation is sensible.

From now up until the end of July traveling groups of 2 persons or more can stay in the dorm for $8 per night p/p. It has a fan or 2 and A/C is available for an extra $15 per night. It is quite comfortable with the windows open and the fans running on most nights, but it could be worth the $15 on a random hot, steamy night. Call me at 82691503 (Movistar) and ask for availability or just shoot over an email. You will get a faster response if you call. Ask for Dave because availability might not be here.  I close the dorm when there is a group here for a surf adventure as to ensure the quality experience of all of our guests.