Surf Report – September 13, 2016

Surf has been off and on lately, good winds in the morning that usually flop around onshore for the afternoon. Some days stay offshore. We have been receiving rain 2 or 3 days a week.  The best wave has been the point left at Los Playones – The Louvre.  Nobody has come through in weeks so been surfing all alone. We are reserved full for most of October so call or email for availability.  October should be similar with up and down conditions but with consistent swell, there are sure to be some great surf sessions.

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Surf Report – September 12, 2016

A great weekend of surf in Playa Hermosa. Sunny tropical conditions, light offshore winds, waves chest to overhead with all spots working. The point looked so flipping fun with perfect sets arriving about every 6 minutes and a crazy amount of perfect unridden lefts. Of course nobody surfing. Painfully beautiful to watch with my only shortboard just broken. The wind turned light onshore early afternoon for a couple of hours, then a shower passed before dark, cleaning up for a sunset session. Enjoyed the seabreeze cooling off the ocean. Surf forecast is to settle a bit then the biggest swell of the year is headed this way. We are looking for talented surfers to help us. We can lodge AND feed you ”gratis”if you can help us show the potential of the surf here. Experienced only. Email us for details… 087 086 085 079 078 068 066 064 062 059 091 075 054 052 051 050 049 024 022 009 003

Surf Report – September 10, 2016

Sunny and offshore winds this morning with consistent head high swell in the water. Overhead sets are frequent and the Louvre was perfect this morning with nobody out. I took the longboard out at the mellowest section of Playa Hermosa for a few rides before finishing off at the low tide reef out front. Nice variety today before the wind turned light onshore early afternoon.005 038 037 029 026 024 023 016

Surf Report – September 08, 2016

A ghost borrowed our camera for a while, so havent put photos in too long. After almost a week of smaller waves, swell is increasing, looks to be in the chest to head high range with fair to good form and nobody out. Photos are of the reef out front. Looks mellow but fun…gonna check the other spots at the fuller tide. Nice here with rain off and on and some light onshore winds in the afternoon, but typical for this time of year. The rain is very much needed and the locals are taking advantage catching yummy shrimp and crabs from the estuary.102 098 095 088 079 045

Surf Report – September 02, 2016

This morning on an outgoing tide, light and variable winds at report time and mostly waist to shoulder high waves breaking over the low tide reef out front. Sets coming about every 6 or 8 minutes. Our place sits directly in front of this break, just on the other side of the estuary. I have not seen anybody surfing in days. Although the winds are not perfect offshore, the weather has not been overly rainy here. The winds are typcially onshore here in the late morning to early afternoon, but the reef holds the wave form and if you have a fun board you like to ride in onshore conditions…still potential for fun surfing without a crowd.008 007 006 001 003 (2) 263 027 009

Surf Report – August 20, 2016

After a couple of days of really fun overhead swell, the surf has dropped a bit, although still lots of waves in the chest to head high range. Every now and then a bigger set pops through. Pics are outback at the low tide reef with some good lefts working and, once again, nobody on it. Thanks for looking at our report and be sure to contact us if you are planning a surf trip to Nicaragua. We can help you score!003 011 013 015 017 019 023 024 025 026 032