Amor de Febrero

We are preparing for the month of February and I figure…well, if you can’t beat em, then love them.  So we are gonna do just that.  I am not really into old school marketing schemes but I do think that couples that really want to get away and focus on each other, can do just that right here.  So, for the whole month that obviously belongs to Saint Valentine, we will do our part in promoting love by offering our oceanfront rooms at a price of 2 for 1.  We are also going to throw in all of your meals if you pay in advance.  There will be a special menu, upgraded service and a small, but nice selection of wines from Spain, Chile and Malbec.  Basically, for $55, you get the night, the service and there are fun uncrowded waves here too.  More than this, you will feel the true Nicaraguan vibe.  We do expect a slight increase of southern-hemi swell sometime in February so we are also preparing for the upcoming wave season.  Look for more creative ideas coming soon to help allow all of you who want to experience really how it is to live in paradise.  Call or email for details, or just keep checking in…


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