About GSN

The GreenSurf home base is located on a quaint, private beach on the coast of north-central Nicaragua. Our location in Playa Hermosa lies about 1 hour south of the beautiful colonial city of Leon and just about 1.5 hours from the airport in Managua. After years being situated in front of the surf break in El Transito that we named Pistols – a punchy, barreling wave that we helped to put on the map – other newer, more aggressive surf camps began opening around us, so we decided to move our operations to a quieter, more exclusive location.

The surf in Playa Hermosa is suitable for the beginner to advanced skill levels with a variety of user-friendly breaks within an easy and eye-pleasing 20 minute walk. The view from the breakfast table is The Reef. Our home is small, yet fully functional providing everything to service the needs of our guests.  There are only 4 rooms with a maximum capacity of around 15 surfers.  We like to keep it low-key here, in and out of the lineup.  GreenSurf employs an on-site property caretaker, night watchman and also our beloved chefs preparing the delicious traditional Nicaraguan and a variety of International meals that our guests will be treated to.

There is a large shaded leisure area with multiple hammocks for our guests to enjoy.  We cook on the grill and bake as much as possible, with an emphasis on locally sourced food ingredients. Inside, every room is spacious with comfy beds, fully air-conditioned and there is WIFI internet access available.  We are confident you will enjoy your stay at the GreenSurf home!

GreenSurf Mission

Our mission is to provide a unique, safe and memorable experience to surfers, adventurers and other travelers alike.  First and foremost, we cater our services to surfers.  We provide a stress-free and highly personal all-inclusive surf and cultural tour that will begin when you arrive in Managua, with full-service transportation from MGA to our base camp in the north-central Nicaraguan coast and all transportation in between, whether by land or sea, until we drop you off at the end of your adventure, back at MGA.

The extensive network of GreenSurf friends and family throughout the north – central region of Nicaragua allows for an experience no other tour can compare to.  We have various levels of service for all surfers, depending on individual wants and needs, budget and skill level, offering all-inclusive packages taking care of every possible want and need for one great price based on your individual or group preference.  Our goal is to maximize your time in the water, putting you in the best possible location at the best time, based on your skill level, the current and future conditions, including tide, swell direction and size, etc.

With our extensive knowledge of the surf along the Nicaraguan coast, we eliminate the guess-work and will put you in the right spot at the right time, ensuring you have the opportunity to get the most out of your surfing expedition and greatly increasing the chances of you getting just what you came for – epic surf session(s) with just you and your friends!